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The Year 2016 is the Year of the Red Fire Monkey

Red Fire Monkey

According to the Chinese calendar, 2016 falls under the patronage of the red fire monkey, which will bring tons of energy, activity and fun.

Once the year of the red fire monkey goes into full swing don't try to plan events to the smallest detail but let yourself be carried by the current and be prepared for all sorts of surprises.

Also avoid stockpiling heaps of objects because the monkey in Chinese mythology demands variety and change. It will activate curiosity and the thirst for life in most people.

Wits, communication between people and humor will also be heightened. Those who risk without thinking and are bolder in realizing their goals will have successes.

Be unconventional in seeking solutions to your problems. This approach will also bring you successes in the year of the fire monkey. If you are excessively hesitant or leave the initiative in the hands of others, you'll be undermined no matter what you do.

Conversations between people will be held with ease and even complete strangers will quickly find things in common to talk about. However, you need to watch out for trickery and not allow master manipulators to deceive you.

Invest your energy in regular physical activity during 2016. The period is suitable for going to the gym, swimming, doing gymnastics, martial arts, dancing, playing tennis or going on long walks.

According to the Chinese horoscope, those born under the signs of the Goat, Rabbit and Ox will be most successful in the year of the red fire monkey. For them this is a year that will have an excellent effect on their self-confidence in terms of their personal abilities.

For the signs of the Monkey, Dragon and Rat it will be an unstable year, where the good and bad will alternate. It will also be in unstable year for the Rooster and Horse.

For those born under the sign of the Tiger, Snake, Pig and Dog, positive results will come only if they don't seek out revenge for every insult and instead maintain their sound judgement.