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What to Wear for Luck in the Year of the Fire Monkey

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Red Fire Monkey

On the eve of February 7, according to Chinese mythology, we welcomed in the Year of the Red Fire Monkey, and in order to attract luck on our side we need to surround ourselves with the symbols of this animal.

Officially, the Year of the Red Fire Monkey begins on February 8 and will continue until January 27, 2017.

To attract luck in your home or workplace, put a figurine of a monkey in it. It will activate your creative energy, make you more intelligent and mindful of the changes to come.

An amulet consisting of 3 monkeys is a symbol of prosperity and tremendous luck. This type of talisman will protect you from diseases, evil forces and negative energy.

A monkey on an elephant is a suitable amulet for businessmen who are seeking new horizons and realizations of their goals.

Since the year falls under the patronage of the element of fire, wear more clothes representing its colors - red, yellow, orange. They will attract more prosperity, strength and luck to you.

Number 9

It's recommended to bring in the Chinese new year wearing these colors so that you're happy throughout its entirety.

In keeping with Chinese traditions, the New Year must always be met with a dining table that has chicken and fish. The chicken symbolizes family happiness and the fish - wealth and abundance.

Since this year is the Year of the Monkey, the table needs to be lavish with fruits to bring you luck year-round.

The lucky numbers will be 4 and 9, which is why it's advised to take any important steps only on these dates.

This Year of the Red Fire Monkey is the 4713th according to Chinese chronology. Festivities for its celebration begin on the night of February 7 and continue for 15 days.

The celebration ends when lanterns are hung all over the streets, with well wishes and humorous phrases written on them.