How do the Fire Signs Flirt?

Jana G.Jana G.

When they flirt, representatives of the different zodiac signs act in a way that is different from the other signs. Representatives of the fire zodiac element flirt energetically and aggressively.

As a whole, the endgame is more important for the fire signs than the actual flirt itself. For them, it is only a means to an end.

Fire signs

Leo, Aries and Sagittarius don't like wasting their time with empty talk but are aware that this is the way to make a truly good impression.

That is why they use an aggressive approach which they believe will help them win over anyone. If a fire sign decides to flirt with you, you will know it by the constant, almost brazen looks they throw at you.

He will look at you as if he has just seen an extremely fine piece of jewelry and intends to do everything in order to have it for himself.

The fire signs are masters of the supposedly accidental touch and active courtship.


Once they have chosen a person which they intend to court, they quickly go over their strategy and attack.

And while the water signs prefer to be sure that they will get understanding and receive a positive answer to their love questions, for the fire signs this is an absolute must.

It's a challenge for them to fight for something that they doubt they will attain. This raises them in their own eyes, that is why they tend to compromise just to reach their goal.

Representatives of the fire signs are insidious when it comes to flirting. They put in tons of energy into it, to come out as winners in the situation.

They won't take "no" for an answer and will continue their efforts until they are completely successful.

For the fire signs, a flirt is just a way of getting the other person into bed.

Therefore, for them it's simply impossible for their flirt not to end the way they have planned. If it doesn't end with fun in the bedroom, they lose interest.