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The Dark Side of the Sign of Aries

Antonia R.Antonia R.

Even though we all love being associated with the phrase "good person", the fact is that each of us has positive and negative sides to our character, constantly bouncing between the 2. You can determine what your dark side is by simply looking at your zodiac sign.

Being the 1st sign of the horoscope, the ego of individuals belonging to Aries is a very big one. They love talking about themselves, bragging and highlighting their achievements if no one else happens to be doing it.

As with the other fire signs, the dark side of Aries is revealed out of fear that he's not standing out in any way, that he isn't special, that his abilities are worthless. When he is unable to stand out in a good way, he does so in a bad way.

Since they were born to be leaders, whenever they fall into the lower recesses of their character, they start bossing people around. And should you not obey their commands, they become aggressive and start to yell.

They start making comments nonstop and react as if scalded should you have an opinion that differs from theirs. They wage a war with anyone who disagrees with them, raise their voice and feel insulted by anything that contradicts their views.

With his dark side revealed, Aries wants to impose himself. He does not care about your own principles and dreams, he reacts extremely - you're either with him or against him. Expect verbal, as well as physical, outbursts.


When an Aries is angry, he loves to break things, smash and yell. In his negative state, he is unable to channel his inexhaustible energy into anything constructive and therefore hits things and yells.

The dark side of the sign of Aries fails to reign in its innate aggression, it makes no effort to find out the reason for it, instead looking around for someone to take it out on. All it takes is a couple words out of line and you'll face his onslaught of insults.

Aries is a maximalist - he wants everything and he wants it now but when he falls into his lower state, he has no patience for anything and starts a hundred projects, never finishing any of them and not seeing any results from his ideas.

The dark side of the sign of Aries is driven to destroy everything around it - from the self-confidence of others to the objects surrounding them. He transforms into a dictator, who forces others to follow him, without showing any respect or consideration.