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The Dark Side of the Sign of Taurus

Antonia R.Antonia R.

As an earth sign, the need for material security is ingrained in the character of every Taurus. But when the dark side of his nature prevails, he becomes greedy. Money, food and possessions are never enough.

He becomes addicted to everything material and thinks that if he buries himself in things he'll be able to somehow compensate for his lack of self-confidence, and if he stuffs himself with food that he'll fill the emotional void within himself.

A low manifestation of Taurus, Taurus ascendant or Moon in Taurus is an individual who is convinced that if he possesses beautiful items others will value and respect him. He feels pitiful if he doesn't look nice.

He uses what he possesses as a symbol of his success and if objects and Money are the only things that make him feel significant, he does his best to keep these.


He becomes a miser who refuses to share, unless it's with his family. He's constantly wanting more and more, while being lazy at the same time and avoiding any changes that might improve his position at all costs.

His apathy level is high and while he talks about what needs to be done and how, in practice he never actually undertakes anything, he just sits on the couch and eats.


He's fanatical when it comes his personal opinion, immediately rejecting anyone who offers a different viewpoint. He lacks flexibility and is unable to adapt to new conditions.

When the dark side of Taurus prevails, they get stuck in a routine and get bitter toward life. They don't believe in changes, while at the same time suffering from monotony and a hunger for material gains that never dissipates.