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The Legend of the Zodiac Signs


There exist several legends pertaining to the zodiac signs. One of these, an old tale, explains why representatives of a certain star sign possess certain qualities, while others do not.

According to the legend published in Obekti magazine, one morning God gathered his 12 children and put in each of them the seeds of human life.

The first seed he handed to Aries and told him that every seed he plants will later multiply in his hand. God predicted that the Aries would be the first to plant the idea of God in the human mind and would open their eyes to God's creation. As thanks, God gave Aries a feeling of self-worth.


God gifted Taurus with the ability to infuse substance into the seed. He commanded him to use his power wisely, not to have doubt and not to be influenced by others.

To Gemini, God gave questions without answers. He explained that his task would be to give humans understanding about that which surrounds them, in order for them to reach the gift of knowledge.

God assigned Cancer to teach emotions to humans. He presented him the gift of family and commanded him to make people express their feelings.

Leo was granted the ability to present God's creations in their full glory. God gave him the gift of honor and warned him not to forget himself, for otherwise people would turn against him.

Virgo was to study God's creations. He told her to criticize man for his mistakes, so that the people would improve everything that God had created. The Virgo was bestowed with purity and understanding.


To Libra, God granted love. He ordered her to remind people of their responsibilities in their relations with others, as well as to teach them to help each other.

For Scorpio, God ordained a harsh fate. He presented him the capability of understanding people's minds but forbade him to share what he knew. God gave Scorpio the gift of having a goal and explained that he would need to overcome human instincts.

The role of Sagittarius was the most pleasant. He tasked him with teaching people to laugh, so that they wouldn't become too harsh out of despair. Sagittarius received abundance from God.

Capricorn was assigned to teach humans hard work. However, he would feel the efforts of human labor on himself. God granted him responsibility.

Aquarius received the idea of the future. He was to show people that they had other potential opportunities and it was not necessary to simply stay put in one spot. God ordained for Aquarius to be lonely but gave him the gift of freedom.

Pisces received one of the most difficult assignments. They were to gather all of man's writings and bring them back to him. God explained that people wouldn't understand them but Pisces would understand the Supreme Creator.