The Character of a ScorpioThe Character of a Scorpio
18 Dec.
straightforward, they head toward their goal slowly but surely. To achieve his goals he often uses his brilliant memory. Scorpio is a master at hiding his emotions, it often helps him in business. However, Scorpios are...
Proven: Reading Books Alters the BrainProven: Reading Books Alters the Brain
14 Jan.
. - something similar to the desire to run that a person might feel when they think of running. The studies of the scientists will not stop here - new studies have begun that will allow them to find out how long this effect lasts....
The Phenomenal Truths about Human CharacterThe Phenomenal Truths about Human Character
12 June
their entire life. There are 5 main character traits Psychologists have determined 5 main types of characters - extroversion, kindness, conscience, neuroticism and openness. According to the experts, each person...
Palmistry - Structure of the HandPalmistry - Structure of the Hand
28 Oct.
invaluable information, which you can use in business meetings with them and elsewhere. Usually, people with soft, smooth hands are quite calm and unperturbed. These types of people rarely lose their temper. A person with...
The characters of people with blonde hairThe characters of people with blonde hair
20 Sept.
money. They insist on personal autonomy and independence, so at an early age they exhibit a more assertive personality and headstrong character. People love them because of their interestingly bizarre mood swings, their...
Blood donors donate their character traitsBlood donors donate their character traits
25 June
personal characteristics of their donor – the simple American housewife. Another fascinating case in France, In which the protagonist is the son of one of the richest in the country - a real estate dealer Gilbert E...
The Third Person SyndromeThe Third Person Syndrome
25 Apr.
the third person, or third person factor. These are cases where people feel a presence, visible or invisible. A similar thing happened with Vincent Lama - a famous doctor from Canada. In his youth, when studying for...
Character According to the Season you Were Born inCharacter According to the Season you Were Born in
03 Dec.
The season a person is born in has an influence on their personality later in life, assert Hungarian experts. More than 400 persons were studied, with individuals born in all 4 seasons. They were of different ages. One...
Find out More About your Character with the Pyramid TestFind out More About your Character with the Pyramid Test
11 July
pyramid fits in your hand and you can hold it, it means you like to control the people and events in your life. But if the pyramid is bigger than you, you may see yourself as an open-minded person that gives complete...
The season during which you were born determines your characterThe season during which you were born determines your character
30 Mar.
The season, during which people are born, are important for the formation of their character, say French researchers. According to them, not only the location of stars is important for the future destiny of man but also...
What the Most Common Hand Gestures MeanWhat the Most Common Hand Gestures Mean
23 Feb.
posture is considered grabbing your hands by the wrists in front of you. However, if a person with their arms crossed has their thumbs pointing out instead of curled, it means they wish to display self-assurance. This...
Our Character According to the Viking HoroscopeOur Character According to the Viking Horoscope
16 June
them. Those born from September 23rd to October 22nd - subject to the god Njord Persons born in this period love to travel and have difficulties staying in one place for long. They are sporty by nature, who stick to a...
Reading HandwritingReading Handwriting
21 Feb.
The way in which a person writes letters speaks volumes about their character. There is even a science - graphology, which sets obvious and hidden human qualities only way a person writes. Important are the width and...
Architects to Build a Tower Reaching the Stratosphere for AstronautsArchitects to Build a Tower Reaching the Stratosphere for Astronauts
21 Aug.
Dubai, reaching 2721.7 ft (829.8 m). Once built, the space tower will be 21 times taller than it. The initial estimates by Thoth Technology predict a minimum of $5 billion needed for the construction of the tower...
Psychological Face ReadingPsychological Face Reading
12 Jan.
chin is a sign of volitional nature, and tendency to solve many problems by force, squashing the opponent. These people are harsh, but if the head is large, then their character will most likely not be stubborn...

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