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Fingers blab character

Fingers blab character

Fingers grant nature, considered experts in palmistry.

If your fingers are long, then you are impulsive and impatient by nature. Are not able to turn into leaders, but they're good performers. Few are selfish and cruel when it comes to your own interests. You like to eat and rejoice within company. For you can be relied upon in principle, they are materialists, but not completely ignored and love thrills.

Fingers blab character

People with thin fingers are dedicated to the love of beauty and culture, these are their main interests. They are very careful and cautious and always consider their decisions. Also have strong assessment capabilities. They are usually good, responsive, and can not help but always be suspicious in the beginning.

Flexible fingers hold the treacherous and selfish natures. They are sociable, but always have an eye that does not speak.

Crooked fingers grant analysts who will notice even the smallest details. It proves quite difficult to live with these kind of people as nothing escapes their eyes. Sometimes they are slightly rough with manners and always late for meetings.