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Eyebrow Face Reading

Eyebrow Face Reading

The face of a person brings a message to the world and reveals part of the character of the designated individual. As the eyes are called window to the soul, eyebrows play a role in the riddle of man.

Eyebrows are interpreted as an indicator of how a person relates to the world surrounding them. It is believed that when a woman dramatically changed her eyebrows, it was in order to make a fresh start. Following that fact, one can conclude that eye brows do reflect people's inner attitudes to some degree.

Eyebrows that have greater distance between them are an indicator for peace of mind, but also the great sense of humour of their owner. This is a person who will very rarely enter a conflict and you will always feel comfortable in his company.

Slightly rounded eyebrows speak of a generous and honest man. He has a big heart and compassionate nature.

If a man has equal and long eyebrows, they most likely have a sharp intellect and a strong drive to make the lady of their heart truly happy. In women, however, this form of eyebrows give hints about being unpredictable and volatile. Ladies with long and regular eyebrows are of neat natures, which love themselves above all.

It is believed that short eyebrows symbolize weak intellect. If the eyebrows are not only short but dense, this is a person with explosive character.

Bushy eyebrows, which are stiff at the end indiate strong and generous people. These are determined people who know how to achieve their goals. Luck is on their side, some even believe that these people are favoured by life.

Locked eyebrows are an indicator of sad, sad people. Their characters can be seen on their faces. You can never know what to expect from such a person.

Straight eyebrows suggest melancholy in nature.

The most treacherous eyebrows are thick and heavy locked ones. Their owner is dominant and imperious. Women with such eyebrows are free spirits.

High- placed eyebrows are owned by hard-working people and low-lying ones are an indicator of dispersion.

Female eyebrows with a break in the middle are a sign of attractiveness, which is revered by the opposite sex.