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Reading Handwriting

Jana G.Jana G.
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The way in which a person writes letters speaks volumes about their character. There is even a science - graphology, which sets obvious and hidden human qualities only way a person writes.

Important are the width and height of the letters, the slope, the power of the touch and many other criteria that make up this evaluation.

Some people write beautifully and every letter is immaculate, it is a sign that they have a weak character, are timid and full of complexes. Such a person is easily susceptible to suggestion and influence and never has their own opinion. Such a person is vulnerable and sensitive.

Handwriting, which can be read only by someone who wrote the words, speaks of contradiction and mystery of nature, but also hidden talents and creativity. Such a person lives for today eating without thinking about the future.


Small letters speak of someone who is a visionary, yet very observant. Such people often become good psychologists. They are willing to bear greater responsibility and are generally authority figures.

Large letters are typical of the generous, good-natured and cheerful people who love noisy companies and their home is always full of guests. Such people are very energetic and sociable.

If the inscribed line is curved upward, this shows one who has too high of an opinion of himself. He is ambitious and achieves their goals at any cost. At the same time, this is a romantic, who is also practical. If you must choose between love and money, they will choose solid capital.

When the letters are slanted sharply right, this is an individual who is easily insulted and prefers to spend his free time alone. People who crave attention, write with a left tilt. Those who write each letter completely upright, are secure in their own power and usually get what they want.

People who do not carry the words to the next line, are afraid to make important decisions without consulting a friend. If, despite transferring words to the next line, one goes beyond the margins of writing, this person is stingy.