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Read people by their voices

Read people by their voices

The voice of a person tells about certain traits of their character. From how person talks, we can make many conclusions about their true nature. See which three characteristics of the human voice you should pay attention to.

Pitch - shy people speak more quietly, while energetic and even aggressive people use a significantly more powerful voice. In both cases, this is not good, because it creates a feeling of uncertainty and we can conclude that the person against us does not believe in themselves, nor in what they say.

If a person talks too loudly, they probably want to offset the lack of point in their argument.

It is believed that deep voices have less endurance and sense.

Timbre of the voice - it can also tell us much about a particular person. People who are cold have cold voices. The opposite - cheerful people have a voice that sounds joyous and lively. It should be noted that the timbre of the voice can be changed according to mood. You can always recognize the sound of a depressed person and one who is happy.

It is possible that some people's speech is completely incomprehensible. They have problems with articulation - this is seen through a clear difficulty in pronunciation of words. If you have a problem, the best is to save your voice, rather just listen. Typically, poor articulation is the result of bad speech habits.

The speed of speech - timid, melancholic and phlegmatic people speak more slowly than others. Resolute and cheerful people speak quickly. Women speak faster than men, in some cases twice as fast. The rate of speech of different people is different.

It is not nice to talk too fast or slow. Sometimes, however, different situations require different speeds. With the pace of speech we can distinguish the difference or the significance of what is being discussed.

The best approach to determine the nature of the people around you is by observing how they talk in different situations. You will find that their voice is a mirror not only of their nature, but also their mental state at that point