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Card Reading Shows Your Relationship's Chance for Success

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Card Reading

Esoterics claim that regular playing cards can show what direction our relationship with our partner is heading in. The arrangement of the cards will help you build your future plans.

To card read on your own, besides the person's name, that you have a relationship with, you must also take notice of their eye color and hair color.

The 4 suits found in playing cards symbolize the different color combinations between the eyes and hair.

A person with light hair and light-hued eyes corresponds to diamonds. A person with dark hair and light eyes corresponds to clubs. Someone with light hair and dark eyes corresponds to hearts, while a person with dark hair and dark eyes - to spades.

Before the actual divination you need to shuffle the cards well and focus on the image of your beloved. Then split the deck 3 times from left to right with your left hand.


Once you have divided it, count off the same number of cards as there are letters in the first name of your partner.

Turn the cards facing up, then begin to form piles from the rest of the cards until you run out of cards in the deck.

The number of piles also needs to correspond to the number of letters in the first name of your sweetheart.

Whenever one of the card piles ends on a suit that corresponds to your beloved's type, such as spades for example, all remaining cards in the pile must be removed.

If the suit corresponding to your partner's type is not present in a pile, discard the entire pile, since the goal is to have only cards symbolizing the color combination of the eyes and hair of your beloved remaining.

Duplicate cards also need to be discarded.

From the cards remaining at the end you can find out what the future holds for you and your partner.


Meaning of the cards:

Ace - a telephone call awaits you;

King - they have serious intentions;

Queen - the relationship will be marked by jealousy on your part;

Jack - the object of your affection is too jealous;

Ten - true love;

Nine - don't waste your time, a relationship marked by cheating and arguments;

Eight - there is another person in their life;

Seven - a relationship marked by uncertainty;

Six - passionate relations;

Five - strong feelings;

Four - a relationship without particular passion but built on a foundation of respect;

Three - a long-distance relationship;

Two - powerful emotions but also many hardships.