Your Forehead Reveals your Character
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Your Forehead Reveals your Character


The face is an expression of the human soul and its balance between heart and mind. The senses, through the sense organs, converge in the human head and face. With age, our faces change, but their main features remain and even stand out more.

The forehead reveals not only a person's intelligence but their gifts and talents too. A wide forehead is a sign of practicality and wisdom, while a narrow and protruding forehead is a sign of an idealist or person with many ideas and a rich fantasy. An even forehead indicates that the person is a pragmatic, logical individual.

A large forehead is also a sign of people with great ambitions. Of course, it's no easy task to classify all possible forehead shapes into just 3 types, so today we'll look at the main and most common ones.

A slightly flattened and narrow forehead toward the hair indicates low intelligence and a limited mind. The same applies for a narrow or square forehead. In contrast, wide foreheads, protruding upward, are ones generally seen in positive, smart people, mathematicians, people who have a tendency to work with science.

In turn, a low forehead symbolizes an exceptionally primal nature, abundant with crudeness and malediction. A forehead leaning back moderately means intelligence, a tendency toward expansion.


When the forehead bulges out in the middle, and is high and wide, this indicates a thinker, gifted with excellent memory, a person that's prudent, observant, contemplative. An elongated, egg-shaped forehead reveals a a dreamer, an idealist, an enthusiastic fantasizer.

The more formed a forehead, the higher the intelligence. There's also wrinkles evident in that case as well. Individuals with narrow foreheads are good at doing things, while those with wide ones are the creative types.

The higher the forehead, the greater the intellectuality. If there's 2 parallel lines on the forehead, this means that the person has a well-developed conscience and never lies. A person who leaves their forehead hidden usually takes, rather than gives.

The curved upper line on the forehead is the line of imagination. Sometimes there are vertical lines between the eyebrows, at the upper end of the nose. A single vertical line means that the person is extremely fair in regards to little things.

If there are 2 vertical lines, it shows that the person is honest, capable of thinking and concentrating.