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Psychological Face Reading

Nina NordNina Nord
Psychological Face Reading

For the character, inclinations, and even spiritual qualities of a man, the face will tell. Physiognomy is an ancient knowledge, used even by Aristotle - to study the state of the soul, and Hippocrates - for medical diagnostics.

In China, it is used as a branch of medicine, as the color and facial expressions are diagnosed. Diagnoses in almost all cases are proved correct.

Physiognomy is again gaining popularity. Modern experts believe that any change in facial features is associated with significant internal changes.

Elongated faces belong to people who are good organizers and who can lead others. They set standards and impose them on others.

A triangular face - with a broad forehead and narrow chin - is evidence of a person with high intelligence. Such people tend to exercise self-renewal, and are very sensitive.

Triangular Face

A round face testifies to the benevolence and softness of the person. These people are usually lively, like comfort, not very ambitious and generally rely on their partner.

People with a square face, make their decisions quickly, show persistence and perseverance in carrying out their plans. They are consistent, purposeful and slightly cold people. When in relationship, they tend to lead.

High and broad foreheads are evidence of the human mind, its tendency for intellectual activities. A round hairline, brow shaping is a sign of independence and stubbornness.

Low, sloping forehead and angular brows indicate a weak intellect, but are solid practical and down to earth people.

Close brows and low-growing hair indicate a mediocre man.

Distinctive horizontal wrinkles on the forehead are considered a good sign - this person will have significant success and recognition. Two small vertical wrinkles between the eyebrows lend to organizational skill and leadership. If brows are not equal, but are distorted, it shows aggression and even pathology. Thin lines show a grave nature, and even malice.

The broad chin is a sign of volitional nature, and tendency to solve many problems by force, squashing the opponent. These people are harsh, but if the head is large, then their character will most likely not be stubborn.

People with square mercantilist chins are often stuck on substantive issues. In combination with prominent cheekbones, come prominent rebelliousness, determination and masculinity. A rounded chin is generally owned by the sensitive and sensible people.

A sharp chin is a sign of cunning and entrepreneurship. People issued with this chin, are characterized as strong-willed and confident, and those with an oblique chin - as weakly spoken, with difficult and unmanageable character. Dichotomy chin in men indicates a passionate nature.