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Body Language and Reading Faces

Body Language and Reading Faces

Have you ever wanted to know how to read one’s body language? Have you ever wanted to know how to read ones face? In this day and age it is becoming increasingly popular to use the facial and body language professionally and personally to find the truth behind the vocal chords. Let’s have a look at some tell tale signs to know a person better and some tips you can use for reading ones face.

How to Read Faces?

Body Language and Reading Faces

To know a person better or more effectively for years people have studied the face reading technique. There are do's and don'ts associated with face reading and of course all rules may not apply to every single individual, however, there has certainly been some prove that the techniques I am about to reveal to you are useful. Here we go:

Persons given a thin or long face in general means one is tolerant and prefers to complete tasks by themselves. It is said these particular persons are with an attractive persona. If you are with a broad face it would mean that one is compassionate about many things and is naturally broadminded. A round face is known to be one of bubbly nature, one can liven up the atmosphere. However those with square faces are in general laid back about achieving their dreams.

The eyes of a person

It is widely known to those worldwide that the eyes have a lot to say about a person, more than what one would like at times.

A person given small eyes indicates one is precise, and pays much attention to detail. Large eyes give the meaning of a gentle nature and more kind and loving natured. Those with high concentration levels and show consistency will seen to have eyes closer set together. This gives their nature away of being very dynamic. The broadminded one will be given eyes that are set wide apart.

The Lips of a person

Lips are another way to read faces. Thin lips give the person as one which holds responsibility and of hardworking nature! Again one with high level concentration will have a small mouth. Fuller lips, are an indication of people who love to have fund and are more relaxed in their roach towards life. A wide mouth is of that one who loves to indulge in discovering new experiences.

The Jaw

A square jaw is a sign of indomitable spirit in the person, fuller cheeks tips us that one has vitality while a person holding protruding chin show a hint of self obsession.

The Nose

Strong characters will have a big nose while small noses tell us the person is weak minded. A large nose with a button tip tells us that person is practical. A small slim nose means a person is not only indecisive but also self centered.

Eyebrow Shape

Straight eyebrows tells us of a level headed person, while thin eyebrows tells us this person is with low confidence and curved eyebrows indicate a higher level of intelligence.

Personal interaction is always top tip to find more out about a person but let’s hope these tips given to you help you become successful in reading faces!