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Turkish Coffee Cup Reading

Turkish Coffee

In the words of the famous Turkish poet of the 20th century, Yahya Kemal, coffee set up it’s own "culture" in Turkey. Little more than a simple visit to Turkey can convince everyone in this. Coffee for Turks is not just a drink, it has its own history, rituals and rules for when and how to drink and signs of fate lie at the bottom of the traditional cup of Turkish coffee. Most Turks find the phrase "Turkish coffee" strange - coffee is actually Turkish.

Reading coffee stems from reading tea leaves that has been known for many years in China.

Reading sludge in drinks is the result of random, and personal factors, so sludge from the drink can always be used. Romans interpreted fate in sediment of wine.

Reading coffee is practically the same as watching tea.

After drinking coffee, put the cup on a glass plate with the bottom facing up, turn and rotate the cup three times clockwise. Leave the cup for several minutes, while the coffee sets.

Before you read the coffee, there are some simple rules to remember. Positions of characters that are depicted in the cup: The handle is you.

Symbols located near the handle, mean something will soon happen around your home.

Signs pointing to handle - left or right - means something comming to you (letter, visitors, etc.).

Signs pointing away from the handle - to the left or right - means a departure (someone or something will go).

Symbols in a vertical position from top to bottom or vice versa - this position shows the spread in time. Those at the top (the edge) are the future, halfway is present, and below is the past. Round the bottom is a bad sign.

Symbols should never be interpreted in isolation from one another. The overall picture is a combination of all the characters - their relationship to each other, giving due consideration to the size, clarity and position of each character in the cup.

If it is difficult to see something in a cup of coffee at the beginning – but do not worry. Images do not appear as Photos - They may appear incomplete (partial), unclear and incomprehensible. Relax! Let your mind and imagination scan the glass once or twice, rotate the glass, move it away from you and look again. Soon you will see an image, then another and before you know it a dozen will occur...

Meaning of Symbols at Turkish Coffee Reading

Angel: Good news and happiness.

Ant: The effort you take in carrying out any activity will bear fruit.

Baby cot: Small worries.

Beans: Financial difficulties.

Bear: If it is at the handle - think carefully about new solutions. If it is away from the handle – you will go on an important trip.

Bee: You'll make new friends and learn some good news. If it is near the handle – you will gather with old friends, if away from the handle - you are looking for old friends.

Beetle: Difficult task will test your readiness.

Bell: Surprising news. If it is near the top of the cup – in your career, if it is near the bottom of the cup - disappointment. Two bells - very happy.

Candle: another person will help you succeed. Knowledge and training.

Cat.: An argument will upset you, but only briefly.

Chain: Legal union - marriage or business partnership.

Chair: unexpected guest.

Circle: Set to success. Circle around the edge - a new addition to the family (baby). Circle lines nearby - your efforts are hampered.

Pliers: Enemy.

Knife: nearby enemies, approaching danger.

Devil or horns: Beware of influential people around you.


Dog: Good friends who can be relied upon. Faithful partner.

Near the bottom of the cup - friends in need of help.

Eagle: Many major improvements in life.

Ears: Surprising news.

Earring: Careful explanation.

Egg: Wealth and success.

Eyes: Envy, jealousy.

Person: Care for you, from someone who loves you.

Fish: Life will become richer and happier.

Flag: Danger lurks for you.

Fruit: Prosperity in ventures.

Door: Opportunities for success.

Hand: Friendship, family.

Heart: Love, faith and trust.

Horse: Strength and independence.

Key: Opens the doors for you.

Letter: Good financial news coming.

Man: By handle, and a sharp image - visitor with dark hair.

Blurred image - visitor with light hair. Outstretched hand - has a gift.

Moon: Full - Love. Crescent - a religious vocation.

Owl: dishonest person. Scandal.

Pear: Financial Security.

Ring: Marriage. Broken ring - marriage in trouble.

Scissors: Brawl at home.

Spider: Unexpected money on the road.

Sun: Power, success.

Sword: Enemies will fall.

Wood: Changes for the better.

Triangle brings change. Pointing up - change is good. Downwards - a bad change.

Wheel: Your fate will change.