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Dreams by Sigmund Freud

Dreams by Sigmund Freud

Extremely important and interesting are Freud's interpretations of dreams, especially the relationship between sleep and dreams. In most cases, it is seen that dreams are those that interfere with sleep, which does not allow the individual to relax mentally. According to Freud, dreams are the opposite - they are what manages to keep sleeping from any interference.

According to Freud, nothing ever happens by chance in real life or in dreams. He was the first who was interested in solving the problem of sleep - why we dream certain things, what they mean and do you have a connection with something or are they simply acts of our psyche which does not relate with anything in our lives?

Sigmund Freud argued that the basis of all our sleep is to fulfil a wish of the day. His assessment of a dream is that everyone tries and endeavours to live under certain rules, to meet certain standards. In this respect, all norms suit us, but we feel obliged to fulfil them to be able to be a part of society, not to feel spurned. And that is why we dream - a state of physical rest, in which our head rushes those desires that have arisen during the day, but which for one reason or another, we could not fulfil.

And since not every wish can be expressed literally - some dreams can greatly distract and confuse the person as in our dreams there are symbols and signs. Parts of the mind, according to Freud, can be described in three parts - Ego, Superego, and To.

Ego - is the moral part of us and our consciousness

Superego - censor of To, as it applies the morality of Ego

To - the primal desires of each individual, those that are not supported by norms or rules

To manages to appear only when the "keepers" of the mind (ego and superego) are absent. During the day, the Superego and Ego suppress your desires and It can be shown at night only through dreams. Signs that the mind gives us during our dreams are a sort of censorship on your desires, because they can be embarrassing and misunderstood.

Sigmund Freud said that sometimes people fail to remember their dreams, because as soon as you wake from sleep, Superego takes over and does not allow us to "bring" the unpleasant pictures forth, managing to maintain our consciousness at an acceptable level.



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it is better,but cud be much better.freud has given much on dreams.