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Reading Body Language is Like Watching a Movie

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Reading a man's body language may seem almost impossible to most women. Keeping in mind his primal nature, the fact that he is driven by sudden impulses and a thirst for adventure, in actuality he shows few signs.

In truth, men may look calm on the outside, with a confident and unwavering posture, but they are still kids at heart. Most men always get into predicaments because of their deeply seeded need to fulfill their heart's desire, whether because of the thrill of adventure or the fury of passion.

The best way to read a man's body language is to find out how he thinks. Women are more calculating and clever when it comes to getting what they want from their partners. Men are more straightforward in this aspect.

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Physically reading a man's body language is quite easy. As was mentioned, men are more primal by nature, which means there are no ulterior motives to their actions. Simply stated, what you see is what is really happening.

For example, you will directly find out when a man is trying to woo you by his actions. He will flirt and try to impress you with stories and actions, just to attract your attention. Men are very transparent to women, especially when they are interested in them.

If you want to find out what the man is thinking, especially if you are having difficulties in reading his body language, try to be straightforward. You can start a conversation that will attract his attention, something simple which relates to him.


You should know that a man always wants to show his masculinity in front of women. He will act like a knight in shining armor and will do everything to satisfy the desires of his partner.

His masculinity must attract you, if you truly want him to relax. This may seem pitiful in the beginning, but it's the only way to make him loosen up and make him get out of his hard shell. If he ever does get out of it, reading his body language will be quite simple and may give you an advantage in predicting his next move.

In reality, reading a man's body languages is like watching a silent movie. You need to be overly sensitive when distinguishing the emotions and thoughts resulting from his actions, in order to be able to easily find out what he wants to happen during your time together. With a little practice, you will be able to read his body language whenever you want and without any difficulty.