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The Phenomenal Truths about Human Character

Antonia R.Antonia R.

A person's character determines the actions and decisions they make, the career they choose and the people that surround them.

A significant portion of scientific studies are indeed focused on human character and over the years some phenomenal and amazing facts about the peculiarities of our temperament have been identified.

It matters if you are a firstborn

A series of studies have confirmed that the stereotypes, according to which firstborn children are more dominant and responsible, are true. Research describes the youngest children in a family as more impulsive and irresponsible. It also turns out that firstborns prefer to interact with other firstborns, while the youngest children instinctively seek out friends akin to them.


Our character does not change

Psychologist Paul Costa explains that only our habits and life force change throughout the years but not our character. The truth is, no matter how many life training courses you take, your temperament will not change over the years.

Certain character features can make you sick

Statistical meta-analyses prove that there exists a link between human temperament and certain diseases. Based on studies, neurotic people suffer from headaches, arthritis and cardiovascular diseases more often. Another study some time ago proved that shyness is also not healthy. The results indicated that shy people live less.


Animals also have a character

Animals also have a character and personal preferences, which do not change throughout their entire life.

There are 5 main character traits

Psychologists have determined 5 main types of characters - extroversion, kindness, conscience, neuroticism and openness. According to the experts, each person possesses each of the 5 traits to a certain degree, which influence one another. In this way for example, low extroversion makes us more shy, while a high degree of kindness - more social.

Our Facebook profile reveals our character

Experts' research has verified that Facebook profiles reveal your true self quite accurately, no matter how much you edit the information you post.