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Proven: Reading Books Alters the Brain


Nowadays, books have taken a backseat, replaced by all kinds of gadgets, such as tablets, laptops, smart phones and so on. This is especially true for the upcoming generation, where it's 1000 times easier and more pleasant to watch a movie based on a book, rather than read that book.

But in fact, books are a real treasure, and this is not simply a cliche but the truth. Nothing can compare to the stories (even an exceptionally high-quality film) written by a great storyteller.

Going through the entire storyline, the curiosity and desire to find out what happens next, the pleasure of giving a day to a good book - this must be experienced because it is difficult to explain.

Every read book can and does change us and even if this was just a conjecture up until now, it has actually now been proven fact. In the "Daily Mail" newspaper there is a published article that refers to the research of scientists, according to whom reading novels alters the human brain.

The conclusions were reached by experts from Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. They have discovered that reading a truly exciting story changes our brain activity, as if we have really lived through it ourselves.

Reading books

21 students took part in the experiment, who were given the book "Pompeii" by Robert Harris. The participants in the study read the book for a period of 19 days.

Throughout the entire time, their brain activity was carefully monitored using special instruments. At the end of the experiment, the students were asked about various facts from the novel to let scientists know that they really read it.

The results of the study showed that during reading, those functions in the brain that bridge thought and action are activated, i.e. - something similar to the desire to run that a person might feel when they think of running.

The studies of the scientists will not stop here - new studies have begun that will allow them to find out how long this effect lasts.