How to Tell if a Black Magic Spell was Cast on youHow to Tell if a Black Magic Spell was Cast on you
21 Apr.
strangers but is called upon by relatives or loved ones. What it is exactly and how you can identify the symptoms of black magic that has been cast on you are the 2 most important questions you have to ask yourself...
How to Use the Magical Properties of DishwareHow to Use the Magical Properties of Dishware
22 Dec.
eating had its own innate magic. Happiness and love would accompany all those who knew how take advantage of this magic. The shape of the dishes is of particular importance when it comes to their extraordinary...
How to Navigate with the StarsHow to Navigate with the Stars
20 Feb.
in Europe only in the XI century, and until then, people were oriented only by the stars. The easiest task for orientation with the stars to find out which direction is north. At night, it's easy. You only need to find...
Mandrake Magic and the OccultMandrake Magic and the Occult
10 May
, mandrake was the favorite plant of the sorceress Circe, who turned the warrior Odysseus into a pig. Mandrake was used by Hippocrates to treat depression, with its support specialists in occult practices cast out...
How the Different Zodiac Signs Deal with Their Midlife CrisisHow the Different Zodiac Signs Deal with Their Midlife Crisis
09 Mar.
treated. Scorpio Their crisis is a frightening one - they try to poison themselves with their own poison. You thought Scorpio was scary thus far? During their midlife crisis you'll meet the real Devil. But he is...
How to Interpret Dreams about Magic and WitchesHow to Interpret Dreams about Magic and Witches
07 Feb.
successes await you very soon. - If you see a witch casting magic in a dream, you're soon going to save yourself from a huge problem. - If you're making contact with a wizard in your dream, expect to find the love of...
Hematite Stops the Worst Magic Curses - Blood Magic!Hematite Stops the Worst Magic Curses - Blood Magic!
21 June
protective amulets, while the Native Americans would smear their bodies with hematite powder to protect themselves in battle. In folk medicine, hematite powder was used as a haematopoietic substance in patients who had...
Sinister Magic of the HodjasSinister Magic of the Hodjas
12 June
person, but no small number of them deal with magics pertaining to death, breaking up families and other similar curses, provoked by jealousy and malice. The Hodjas say that a magic spell cannot be cast at home...
How to Measure the Negative Energy Within OurselvesHow to Measure the Negative Energy Within Ourselves
08 July
holistic point of view won't help you completely but will allow you to cast off the negative out of you. Subconscious beliefs can make a person negative without they themselves realizing it. If you absolutely believe...
How to Cast a Love SpellHow to Cast a Love Spell
24 Feb.
Spells for love can be found in almost all ancient mythologies and beliefs. They fall into the category of white magic since they are often done with a pure heart and positive energy. Even though passed...
Numerology: The magic of sacred number 7Numerology: The magic of sacred number 7
14 Sept.
Earth for seven days, 7 colors make the rainbow. The figure appears in many proverbs. Napoleon also believed in the magic power of the number seven. He built his army based on 7 principles. Napoleon was the head with...
Trees with Magical PropertiesTrees with Magical Properties
06 Oct.
, they would often walk among them and share their secrets with them. Today, modern humans continue to seek solitude among nature but seemingly only to escape the noise and stress of the big city. But we have to...
Attract your Partner with Chinese Love MagicAttract your Partner with Chinese Love Magic
28 May
turquoise, a red piece of cloth and 1 red candle. This love magic spell has been popular in China from the time of the Yuan dynasty (13th - 14th century). Buy a turquoise necklace (the stone has a powerful love...
Pearls are loaded with powerful magicPearls are loaded with powerful magic
04 May
followed by three gold beads. In the Middle Ages there was also some magic power of the pearls. There are different reasons men and women wear pearls. If you do not like jewelry they can be carried in a pocket, wallet...
Bath with dill for magic of loveBath with dill for magic of love
25 Apr.
If you want to lure a man into your bed for love or for fun then do magic with dill. Although we are accustomed to seeing dill in salads and dishes, dill has a powerful force for unleashing energy. To attract love...

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