How to Cast a Love Spell


Spells for love can be found in almost all ancient mythologies and beliefs. They fall into the category of white magic since they are often done with a pure heart and positive energy.

Even though passed down traditions go that the practice of any kind of magic brings negative energy to the caster, this does not apply to this type of seance.

Since they are more of a wishful type, a person must truly believe that what they desire is suitable for them and want it to happen.

Don't forget that if you later reconsider or your feelings change with time, this goes at odds with the love spell and the consequences may be unfavorable for you.

If you wish to attract the attention of your beloved, you will need holy water, a pink candle, a pencil, a box of wooden matchsticks and a sheet of parchment paper. The most appropriate days for carrying out this ancient ritual are Tuesday and Friday.

It is best to conduct it out in nature since that way your positive energy will connect with the universe more easily. If you simply cannot be outside, then choose a quiet and peaceful place where you'll feel in harmony with yourself.


The next step is to draw a circle with the pencil. Begin sprinkling holy water within the circle, taking care not to step into it. Think only of the object of your affection, not so much about the correct carrying out of the spell.

Rip the parchment paper into 3 identical pieces of paper. Write your name on one of them and begin slowly dripping wax from the pink candle onto it. Next, repeat this process with the name of your beloved as well.

Visualize your future relationship, let love engulf you wholly. Once this happens, write both your names on the remaining piece of paper and circle them.

It is believed that the circle is a powerful sign, symbolizing eternity. That is why newlyweds give wedding rings to each other all over the world.

Wrap both pieces of names with the 3rd, which you wrote on lastly. It needs to be left to nature's will. Therefore it is best to bury it somewhere or throw it in a running river.