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Protect Yourself from Black Magic and Evil Powers with Lemons!


Lemons are citrus fruits, known for their anti-inflammatory, toning and strengthening effects. Doctors and healers around the world recommend them for flu, cold, respiratory problems, urinary tract infections, headaches, anxiety and other worrisome health problems.

But only a few know that due to their magical properties, lemons are unsurpassed aids in the battle against black magic and all other kinds of evil powers. Here's how you can use the sour fruit to protect yourself from those who would wish you ill.

If you feel any sort of negative energy present around you or are having nightmares, cleanse yourself with lemon water. Cut a lemon into 2 and take just 1 of the halves. Squeeze out its juice well into a large container and add 12 1/2 cups (3 L) of cool water to it. Drop in the squeezed out fruit and leave everything to sit for 3 hours.

Then, take a shower and rinse your clean hair with the lemon solution, while keeping it away from your eyes. Finally, simply wait patiently for your hair to dry, without blow drying it. Perform this ritual just once per week for 4 consecutive weeks. After which, stop for at least a month. If you feel tension once again, repeat.

To protect yourself from the effects of negative forces, you can also wear a necklace of lemon seeds. To make it, set aside an odd number of seeds from a citrus you've eaten yourself. Thread them on a white thread and place the necklace around your neck.