Black Magic

Black Magic

Magic is defined as "science-art", which causes changes in accordance with the will. Since man is motivated by their own emotions about love and hate, magic is developed in two forms:

First, motivated to make good of mankind and called white magic, and the second, called black magic designed to hurt him.

Black Magic

It is wrongly assumed that usually it is a wizard or witch that practices magic. Wrong because the magic is inherently a practice that anyone can learn and implement. Such people are called magicians and a witch is a woman who belonged to the time of Europe before the appearance of Christ.

Magic which swept over the wishes of someones strong bindings to the magic, can control injury, pain and death to a person. When a spell is causing pain or damage in any form it then requires control or power over someone. Such spells do bring magic, but these particular goals are extremely unethical and therefore should be avoided by practicing magic.

The simplest form of witchcraft is when a physical act is performed in order to achieve concrete results. For example, a wax figure is placed above the fire to cause someone's death, the blood is spread over the meadows of fertility during the next year or cords are made of units for favorable winds to travel by sea. Forms of sorcery determine the extent of people's beliefs and is often called black magic.

One reason to associate the black color lies in the current magic in Egypt called "KEM", which means black. This is due to the fact that the fertile soil of the Nile Delta is black, and for the river grass of the fertile sands of the surrounding desert are red. So in Egypt it is a good black, and red represents evil.

Moreover, the skin of people living in areas of Africa, India, Australia and the Caribbean, etc, have darker skin. Many Egyptians too, which reinforced the association with their own land. So the magic of the "black country" turned into "black magic".

The question is in the intentions of the magician who set the goals, not the color of the magic. Black magic itself is not necessarily worse than other spells. Fundamentally this magical color from the Spectrum refers to the power, the control of power to do things and the power to control the world and force to dominate others. However as weapons can be used for aggression and defense and black bears the color and prevention.

Black Magic

Despite everything, however, when people talk about black magic and artists of dark forces, they talk about magic, which is used for selfish purposes and is not in favor of others. In which case it comes to domination and manipulation of the people against their will, in driving them to do something against their will to work in the interest of someone intentionally harming others in intimidation, suppression or removal of their power, all practices are the artists of the black forces. True magicians, by definition, do not use magic in this way.

Another form of black magic is where the spirits of the dead are invoked for consultation. This happens during a session, which falls into a trance medium, allowing temporary spirits to use ones body and speak through ones lips.

Most often this occurs at the request of a living relative, who wants to ask a question of the deceased or just to make sure that life after death is okay.