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What Magical Properties Do Colors Possess?


Since ancient times, certain human societies have had a special attitude toward colors. They were believed to possess magical properties that could heal the human body and soul, make dreams come true and make us happier.

Few today remember the mysterious properties of colors. Most of us choose and match colors depending on our taste, on fashion trends and our understanding of style. Nonetheless it's good to know what unusual powers the colors have, according to our ancestors.

For you we've chosen curious facts about the most popular colors. Find out their properties and utilize them to your advantage.

And don't forget that to tap into the magic of a given color you don't need to surround yourself with it everywhere, you simply need to contemplate it more often.


1. Yellow

Yellow can improve your mood. It's recommended for those who often suffer from depression, sadness and anxiety. It'll make you more hardworking, purposeful. It will bring you successes at the workplace and in your studies.

2. Green

The color green will help you regain something you've given up or lost in the past. It will make you calmer, wiser, more energetic. It will push you to make better decisions in your personal and professional life.

3. Brown

It will bring you warmth and comfort. Brown will help you smooth out relations with friends and relatives.

4. Blue

If you frequently worry over little things, this color will clear your thoughts. It will help you accept changes more easily and be calm when appearing in public.


5. Orange

It contributes to a better mood, restores your faith in life and makes you more communicative. If you find it difficult to socialize with others, frequently suffer love woes and cannot begin to work, this is the color for you.

6. Gold

It makes you wiser and more reserved. It helps you make the right decisions and not succumb to primal emotions.

7. Silver

Silver items and the color silver boost the immune system and protect against negative energy.

8. Black

The color black is linked to negative emotions and disasters.

9. Violet

This color will help you gain new knowledge about the world and put you in a more philosophical mindset.

10. Red

Attracts love, provides passion and heals diseased organs.