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How Do We Increase Our Self-Confidence?

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Each one of us may not always feel confident at a given moment - even those people with a high self-assessment stumble at times and feel doubts about the qualities they possess.

Self-confidence, high self-assessment and self-esteem go hand-in-hand. According to Anthony Robbins, a popular motivational speaker, the reasons for a low self-assessment in people are mainly as follows:

The first reason consists of numerous defeatist concepts and beliefs, that we have borrowed from our parents.

The next reason is the mistakes and failures we have had in our days as school kids.

The last reason, which Robbins determines for low self-esteem is upbringing, whose final mark is the feeling of guilt and imperfection.


To be able to increase our confidence, we must first begin to see our mistakes as challenges from which we can learn. The mistakes we have made in the past and which we will continue to make in the future, are simply part of the opportunities for increasing our confidence.

The fact is that everyone makes missteps but not everyone allows them to crush them. If a blunder is the end of the world for one person, others see this same blunder as a trampoline and the opportunity to learn something new about themselves and their own abilities.

If we view every so-called failure as something irreversible, we actually doom ourselves to struggling with the same problems and no progress. The belief in our own abilities does not actually exclude us being vulnerable at a given moment or feeling doubts. It simply gives us the chance to transform our weakness into a strong point.

How do we increase our confidence?

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It is extremely important not to give our inner criticism the opportunity to always have a position - limiting thoughts such as "I'll never change" or "I'll never be able to handle it" can only depress us even further.

Whenever you feel that similar thoughts are popping into your head, think about what sort of advice you would give someone, who is in the same position as you at the moment. Every time you have a negative thought related to your abilities, try to block it and think of something positive.

It is important to have a good attitude towards yourself. It is great, of course, for a person to have high goals. At the same time however, you need to be lenient and considerate of your own capabilities. Do not be too harsh toward your own self.

Learn to act more boldly and recognize your needs and wishes. Organize them according to difficulty and start with the easiest to carry out.

Learn to say "no" without feeling any guilt. Be decisive and defend your position. Accept your mistakes, every one of us makes them and this gives us the opportunity to move forward - not backward.

Let your imagination run free, because every person's success begins with the way they see themselves. Only then does the actual implementation take place.