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How Do I Get Over the Past?

Jana G.Jana G.

The human mind has a powerful defense mechanism that helps us overcome unpleasant moments from our past. They say that time heals all wounds but some people just cannot get over the past and this prevents them from moving forward.

But the past also prevents them from living well and finding peace because it keeps pulling them back and they find themselves constantly thinking about it. Negative thoughts, bad experiences and memories continue to plague the person and they never stop replaying the bad things that have happened in their mind.

However, these thoughts also have the negative property of poisoning one's mind, and sometimes even affect the physical condition of the person who's just plain stuck in the past. The more unpleasant memories you try to suppress, collecting in your subconscious, the more toxic their influence on you.

It's no wonder that things aren't going your way, that you get upset for no reason, that you're in a bad mood and don't feel the joy out of life. The answer to all this may lie in you yourself, and more specifically, that you're still living in the past.

To overcome your past you need to face it directly - this is the most effective method of dealing with it. Don't try to silence the voice of your conscience about an action that makes you feel ashamed of yourself. Look at the situation carefully from the outside, analyze it and try to determine whether or not this was the mistake that you can now use to change your worldview.


Guilt may have been torturing you for years about something you've done. But after all this time you can correctly evaluate what happened and find out why you acted the way you did. Oftentimes the feeling of guilt could stem from taboos imposed on us by our parents in childhood.

Just accept your guilt and try to change. If a long time has already passed since then you may have already changed over the years. If you feel that someone has insulted you, don't get stuck over this either. If you're constantly thinking about the insult someone has inflicted upon you, even if it was a person close to you, this will only keep depressing you non-stop.

You can't change the past because it's long gone. The only thing you can do in order to move forward is to overcome it. If you've done something wrongful or someone has treated you horribly, just accept the fact and stop blaming yourself or someone else for whatever it was that happened.

The secret to happiness is to overcome the past. It's not about forgetting it or pretending that it never happened. Just realize that that period of your life is over and taking into account your previous mistakes, try to change for the better in order to continue onward.