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How to Tell if a Black Magic Spell was Cast on you


Black magic has been used since the dawn of human existence, for that is how long human envy and greed have existed as well. Contrary to what most people imagine, black magic is not usually used by enemies or strangers but is called upon by relatives or loved ones.

What it is exactly and how you can identify the symptoms of black magic that has been cast on you are the 2 most important questions you have to ask yourself.

At the core of this dark art lies the use of negative energy or sources of negative energy, to compel a person to willingly give something up, do something wrong or even be forced to fall in love with a stranger.

Magic is especially widespread among women, because for many of them it's an easy way to get revenge on a rival, to break apart a family or hurt people who have hurt her in the past.


How exactly is the magic expressed, you might ask. It has many faces and can manifest in various ways - whether it's masked as unsuccessfulness at work, breakup with a beloved, a car accident, etc. The important thing is to know when you have become the victim of black magic so that you can fight it.

Here are the most tell-tale signs of a black magic spell:

Unfounded fear - this is one of the most revealing signs of a black magic curse. All of a sudden a person begins to feel unwarranted panicky fear from everyone and everything. They get agitated, overcome by severe anxiety, explode into unprovoked nervous breakdowns.

Unknown illness - the person is beset by a devastating disease that drains their life and strength but doctors are not able to help because they cannot determine what the disease is.


Strong and constant headache, chest and back pains, stabbing heart pains and numbness of the limbs are clear signs that you need to seek help.

A breakup - if suddenly your sweetheart leaves you for no reason, you have to ask yourself why that is. Nothing can make a person who would until yesterday have given you the moon be completely indifferent toward you today.

Financial and work problems - within days, a business you've been building up for years collapses without reason. You lose the job you love and have fought for, your finances become a total fiasco.

Falling in love with a stranger - your world turns upside down on a dime and you find yourself in love with a stranger, completely unsuitable and repulsive to you up until that point. The only thing that can do this to you and enslave your heart is a black magic love spell.