Doodles on a Sheet of Paper - What do they Represent?
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Doodles on a Sheet of Paper - What do they Represent?

Plamena M.Plamena M.

It's happened to every one of us, during class in school, during a lecture or boring meeting, when there's nothing to do, to doodle something in our notebook or on a piece of paper.

Usually, no one pays a second thought to these scribbles. However, it turns out that numerous things can be determined about us based on these - from our character to our current state of being.

Next time, save your doodled sheet of paper and determine yourself what the scribbles reveal about you. Here's how:

If you doodle people - this is a clear sign of desperate helplessness and the desire to get away from responsibility.


If you doodle squares, triangles, other geometric shapes - they speak about you. You are a person who is very difficult to mislead since you have clear goals and beliefs. You rarely conceal your thoughts but you need to have a simpler view of events at the given moment.

If you scribble something similar to honeycombs - this is an obvious sign of a desire for peace, harmony and an organized life. Aside from that, these scribbles may represent your desire to create a family.

If you scribble chess square patterns - you have fallen into an unpleasant and quite difficult situation. If this motif appears often, you most likely have some type of hidden issues.

If you jot circles, spirals, wavy lines - you are in a crisis and can explode at any moment. What you need is solitude and calm.


If you doodle flowers, a sun, wreaths - it appears that your happy mood is a mask. Your soul yearns for friendship and gentleness. Be among other people.

If you doodle nets, bars - you are quite calm despite the risky and awkward situation you find yourself in.

If you scribble intertwined hearts - you are exceptionally emotional. Don't hide it.

If you jot wallpaper motifs - you are tired - either from the situation around you or life.

If you doodle crosses - something is weighing on your conscience. This may be caused by the situation around you.

If you scribble intertwined circles - you feel isolated from the situation around you or from the world in general. You have thoughts about a stable relationship.