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Easy Magic with Melting Ice Makes Dreams Come True

Ice Water

There's a goddess living in every woman. In the past, people were aware of the enormous reserves of special energy that representatives of the fairer sex have but nowadays ladies neglect their powers or invest them in insubstantial endeavors.

And even if today only small parts of the majesty that our predecessors were capable of actually reach us, we're still able to work miracles with just our thoughts. For example, if your husband has some kind of problems at work, you can help him with the power of your consciousness.

Simply, while ironing his shirt in the morning, get in a positive mindset and imagine the iron smoothing out not just the cloth but all of the difficulties too. If you were fully sincere and focused in your desire, your partner will manage to overcome the issues.

There also exists the reverse relationship. If your partner has angered you and you've started cooking, while you're harboring negative energy toward him, be sure that this will cause him problems and illnesses. So try to release negative emotions faster and never take up creative activities while still bearing the former with you. Otherwise, you'll be unconsciously activating black magic.

This is hardly any woman's goal. Most of us strive for harmonious relations with our partner and try to protect the family by any means. And in this regard, the most powerful aid for the ladies is melting ice.

Woman with Glass

This liquid can cleanse the body and attract luck, health, prosperity and happiness to your life. To do this you have to carry out a simple ritual. On a plastic bottle, stick a sheet of paper on which you've written what you desire. It doesn't need to be specific.

Writing words such as "passion, love, harmony" or other general descriptions of your desire is enough. Next, fill the bottle with water and put it in the freezer to freeze.

Once it does, take it out, leave it to melt and drink it in small gulps, while imaging your dream coming true. If your desires are pure, sincere and honest, they will come true sooner or later.