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What can we do with conscious dreams?

Dream of flying


As you probably already guessed, flying is a very popular activity in conscious dreaming. Since dreams are realized as real, you can imagine how you would feel if you really did fly through the clouds, how the wind waved in your hair and how your stomach shrinks from that strange feeling of excitement when you fly up high like Superman. And the strange thing is that you can really experience all these amazing feelings when you actually laying in bed with your eyes closed.

Unbelievable that one can feel that of what you can not even normally experience in ones daily lives. So although the dream realized in nature is only a dream because, there is no external event in the world in which we live, the sensations you can experience using dreams realized are very true and complete.

Breathing under water

Have you ever tried to breath under water? Begin the adventure swimming in the deep blue waters of the ocean and overcome your fear to breathe in water, consciously expecting it to be really like fresh air.

It is interesting to destroy the laws of physics that govern the human body. Can we even talk about the "human body" in conscious dreams? Even if our identity was invented in them? In the end you are only consciousness which is certainly what is happening in a dream that is realized.

What can we do with conscious dreams?

You can be transformed into a friend with a different face, voice and height, but still feel that you are the one who lived through this incredible dream. Try the freedom to experience new sensations and the overcoming of rules and boundaries of your everyday life and experiences.

Get rid of nightmares

Are you stressed at the unknown time from repetitive nightmares? Use conscious dreaming to get rid of them. Although you can immediately rush to attack a viciously horrible monster that you pursue, try to hold him or kiss him. Thus may find that the awful monster owns part of you that also needs love and friendship. Realized dreams can be incredible realistic experiences. They can help you to overcome fear and get into another kingdom of heaven. Imagine the positive impact that those dreams can have on your life.

Meeting with deceased relatives

Do you have a relative who died recently, but still regret that you have not had time to tell them something? Use conscious dreaming to deal with this unfinished matter. Although you can not actually speak to the true "ghost" of your loved one, the research industry argue of some who have used conscious (realized) dreams to that very extent, they felt like they had a second chance for closer communication with the deceased. This applies to realized dreams as a whole. Although dreams are not real, however, you may experience that similar to the real feelings, even throughout your day. As realized dreams give you the opportunity to experience things in a dream, you can also use this type of capability in many meaningful things such as flying which can be described as the best simulation of real life.

Secret lovers?

Of course you can use the realized dream to make love with someone you've secretly fell in love with in your actual real life. You can even experience something more than sex itself and find out what is the feeling you're experiencing to be close with that person. Are you afraid to admit your true feelings to someone in real life? Use realized dreams and practice the experience. And how did you feel after you've expressed yourself in a realized dream? Would it be easier now to talk to this person in real life? Conscious use of dreams not only enriches your night life during dreaming, but the real life too. Use it as a training tool or simulator.

Discover your true potential

Go on a journey in which to discover who you really are behind the physical and psychological conditions at this time. Experience a journey where you can meet people who can tell you everything about you (this can happen as they may represent "voices" of your own consciousness).

Can you imagine how many things about yourself you can learn from one such trip, to help you improve your life? Meet the real me or you with your spiritual leaders which may disclose your hidden talents and feelings that can serve in your conscious life.

Again, although the dream seems "only" an imaginary experience it will impact your life in reality, as the dream is highly realistic, for example, the experience of meeting with someone in a realized dream (not just the conversation with them, touch, smell and taste of the people) is remembered as a realistic experience. Although dreams are not "real" by definition, the feelings that one feels during conscious dreams are the same as in real life. The brain is responsible in the same way as it would react to an event of our conscious life. The brain does not distinguish between reality and dream (if it were not so, we would have understanding all the time). Experiences during the dream and the realized dream are transferred into reality. Do you feel blessed to dream, so you feel blessed as you wake up. Learn to dream and consciously learn to control your emotions.

Be invisible

This is an incredible opportunity to track objects without the dreamer being noticed. It's incredible and a show of invisibility, which you can experience. If you can get your body to become invisible or just go away, why not make your mind disappear? What then are you really? Spirit? Consciousness? Nothing? Feel free to use conscious dreaming to enter in your deep psychological inner world. What is identity, what is reality, who or what is "conscious" in a conscious dream?


You can move any object without physically touching it which is a very good resolution that can be used in several cases. One of many will be be the convenience to rearrange your home. It is also a very simple technique which you can start practicing to control your dreams. Find out how you can use your ideas and expectations about gravity, such as a skyscraper, being able to lift everything, and even tossing a pebble. Of course, "weight" is of no value in your dream, everything is invented. However your brain will have an expectation to weight, meaning if the objects weighs more or less when you try to pick up. Do you have the necessary strength of mind to overcome these limits and to lift the whole planet without ever getting tired? Liberate your mind!

To the moon

Have you ever stood on the Moon and watch the Earth rise? This is a great way to start your own understanding of space. Study the alien planets closely or be a supernova that will erupt at any time. Although this may sound silly, imagine how it would feel if your brain is to experience such an incredible event!


Try to pick a car, house or an airplane in the air. In your conscious dream you have all the power you require. Although you can not train your muscles while dreaming, you train nerve impulses which are necessary to stimulate a group of muscles that are used in the simulation so far. In other words, the brain activity during sleep walking (either conscious or unconscious) for example, is identical to that of real life like that of exercising for extreme sports, tennis, football or martial arts. You can use conscious dreaming to train for any exercise.


Sometimes you need an object now; try to materialize. Do you need a key? Girlfriend? Planet? You have the ability to get anything acquire anything before you during a conscious dream. Imagine for example that you materialize an enormous amount of money for yourself or for something you wanted to buy for a long time but did not have enough money. Try with the help of realized dreams to create pictures or designs that would have been useful in the conscious world or in your work, for example.

Deliberately awakening

At the end of a beautiful conscious dream, you can wake up and save it in your diary. If you want to escape from a horrible dream rather than deal with it (which is recommended), you need to deliberately to wake up. This paradox is by doing the exact opposite: Sleep in a conscious dream. In most cases this will be expressed in an artificial wake, as you wake up in a new place again.


During the dream you may have an encounter with monsters. Are you ready to fight them with magic? Or just want to cast? Whichever way you choose, if you want to fight evil, you can practice some exercises that you saw in the movies. Stop bullets like Neo from The Matrix for example. Transforming into Super Sayen as Goku from "Dragonball", or mutate into a giant, to deal quickly with your opponent. Transform into the super hero you've always wanted to be.

Walking on the water

Would you like to impress your friends in your dreams? Well, walking on a large lake would have finished this job. This is also a good way to overcome the laws of gravity. Consciously try to overcome expectations for gravity. Do you think this is easy? Try to walk on the tops of the blades without being hurt. Also try to walk over a large fire or invisible stairs.

Control of Thought

Control the mind of the characters in your dream and make them do what you say. It is also necessary to acquire such skills in real life. This skill can also give you a second chance to fix something you did in the past. Experiment how it would be best to enroll in a given situation. Use conscious dreams as a simulator of life and for the events of your life, for which you regret and would like to change.


Have you ever experimented what it means to be a dolphin or a tiger? Would also be interesting to transform into a house or a chair. Whatever you imagine is possible in the conscious dreaming. How do you feel like a chair? Whether you are still able to breathe? Whether you feel the heat and cold? Try it yourself. If you want to be an animal, it's your choice. Run as fast as a leopard, diving deep as China or fly like an eagle. Think about nature and wildlife as you experience their way of life.

What can we do with conscious dreams?


Traveling in your dream may require thousands of kilometers at a time. Instead of flying, you can try to teleport. It takes seconds to teleport from one town to another, from one country to the next or from our galaxy, to the end of universe.