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How Do I Get Rid of Nightmares?


Stress, tension, problems at work or with the family - these are all it takes to have a troubled sleep and nightmares. Nightmares can be brought on by all sorts of stressful situations during the day, fears, severe psychological trauma or something bad that happens to us.

Often, these are the types of dreams where your own life or that of a loved is threatened. The dreamer feels that they are in a helpless situation and lack the ability to protect themselves. The occurrence of nightmares is directly related to the fear of losing something earthly. When a person frees themselves of their fear and sense of ownership, the nightmares disappear as well.

Other recurring nightmares are related to the sense of an extremely awkward situation in front of an audience. The nightmares may appear, consisting of different plots, or may be a repeat of the same one over and over.

If you immediately go over the events in your nightmare, you realize that it was not real and the fear vanishes. If the person next to you is asleep, hug them and get close to their breast. The beating of their heart will calm you and the embrace will make you feel protected. Describe in detail what you've dreamed, this way you may find out what caused the nightmare in the first place.

Many experts and psychologists have reached the hypothesis that the more a person suppresses something negative, the harder it struggles to come out, and if necessary - in the form of a dream.

Having Nightmares

The method for overcoming a recurring bad dream is simple - rewrite the negative content of the nightmare into something positive using your imagination.

Simply write the nightmare down and change the plot in such a way that it no longer troubles you.

Whenever a person manages to transfer their fearlessness from their "day" life into their "night" life, this means they've taken the first step toward mastering their own self.

Every one of us, when subjected to stress and tension, has had nightmares; this is nothing to worry about. But if the unpleasant dreams begin happening more frequently it's advised to seek medical help, as these could be the sign of serious illness.



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