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Trees with Magical Properties


Trees have been loyal friends to mankind ever since the world came to be. Their crowns provide thick shade when the weather is hot but this is not the limit to their unique qualities.

Even our forefathers knew that these powerful plants could protect us from evil forces, help us deal with spiritual anguish, heal severe illnesses and guide us toward the best decisions when we found ourselves at a crossroads.

Knowing this, they would often walk among them and share their secrets with them. Today, modern humans continue to seek solitude among nature but seemingly only to escape the noise and stress of the big city.

But we have to realize that the trees composing the beautiful landscapes that charge us with positive emotions are much more than objects. According to some elderly witch doctors, trees have magical abilities which should not be underestimated. Read on to find out what the potentially greatest aids in your life could be.


1. Birch

It is believed that it protects from evil spirits and helps us make the right decisions. It protects against depression and gives us confidence. If you live near a birch, you're incredibly lucky indeed.

2. Ash

The ash is a tree with priceless qualities. It is believed that it can help us overcome our bad habits and dependencies. It's highly recommended for those who have been unable to beat smoking, alcoholism and various other obsessions. It strengthens one's will and makes us more confident in ourselves. Other claims state that staying near an ash tree can help boost intuition and unlock prophetic abilities.

3. Beech

It's said that if you visit a beech tree every day for at least 15 min., talk to it and are gentle toward it, you'll get rid of migraines, depression, fear, lack of tone. If you suffer from headaches frequently, definitely try this method for fixing the issue.


4. Chestnut

Like the fruits on it, the tree itself helps cleanse negative energy. That is why many folk healers recommend that we always carry a chestnut in our pocket or place one somewhere near our work area.

5. Oak

They say that meditating near an oak purifies our consciousness and helps us concentrate on the truly important things. According to some beliefs, oak also grants us longevity.