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Sinister Female GhostsSinister Female Ghosts
10 June
There are cases of people being sent to mental institutions after seeing her in the mirror. Another famed ghost is the Queen of Spades....
Most famous GhostsMost famous Ghosts
21 June
The Ship occasionally appears in the ocean, near South Africa in 1923 was the last time it is seen. The ship appears in the saga "Pirates of the Caribbean". Bell is the specter of another famous ghost....
The most famous ghostsThe most famous ghosts
01 Mar.
Many Eastern religions not only believe in reincarnation but also in ghosts....
Ghosts in the airplaneGhosts in the airplane
10 Sept.
The ghosts appeared more than twenty times....
What it Means if you're Seeing Hearts EverywhereWhat it Means if you're Seeing Hearts Everywhere
12 June
Someone is watching over you The appearance of a heart can also be seen as a sign sent by your guardian angel. He's watching over you and is with you everywhere. 4....
Thomas Edison Wanted to Contact GhostsThomas Edison Wanted to Contact Ghosts
09 Apr.
This information came to light after France publicized a never-before-seen chapter of the the inventor's memoirs....
The Australian City Teeming with GhostsThe Australian City Teeming with Ghosts
17 June
There's hardly any populated area on Earth where there hasn't been a ghost seen at least once. But lately it's as if the Australian city of Toowoomba is absolutely teeming with errant ghosts....
Ghosts appear in the White HouseGhosts appear in the White House
03 Mar.
It is also noted that the ghost appeared when the country is in crisis. Lincoln\'s ghost allegedly had been seen even by British Prime Minister Churchill....
Ghosts visit their families before deathGhosts visit their families before death
05 Dec.
Six months later, the envoy from Egypt brought the news that Longspi was killed by the cruel Saracens exactly the day when the ghost appeared....
Ghosts haunt his family before his deathGhosts haunt his family before his death
16 Feb.
One morning, at breakfast, Littleton remembered, that night he had seen a ghost. The girl who visited him, was seduced by a relative and after he left her, she committed suicide....
Ghost Minister wants justiceGhost Minister wants justice
08 Dec.
First, the ghost was spotted by the guards of the court. However other officials say they are seeing a phantom, reports a Russian website....
The Astronomical Events Until the End of the Year Worth SeeingThe Astronomical Events Until the End of the Year Worth Seeing
19 July
There are several exceptional astronomical events that will occur by the end of 2016. The majority of these will be visible with the naked eye. The appearance of a comet and several lunar eclipses - these are just...
Come Here if you Want to See Ghosts!Come Here if you Want to See Ghosts!
12 July
It was said that the ghost of a well-built man was seen at that time. After that day, the same phantom was reported to be seen many more times....
Talismans and herbs protect from ghosts and witchesTalismans and herbs protect from ghosts and witches
05 Oct.
Since the immemorial time, comes the belief that amulets and mascots protect their holders from evil Spirits, Wizards, disease, poverty, witches, disaster and all evil supernatural. Te word amulet derives from the Latin...
How to Summon a GhostHow to Summon a Ghost
10 July
Many people who have attempted to summon a ghost have had the need of help from a psychiatrist afterward, so think carefully once more before you call a ghost....

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