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Sinister Female Ghosts

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The legend of Bloody Mary has terrified many throughout the long decades. The ghost of Bloody Mary haunts those who are brave enough to summon her.

According to one of the legends, Bloody Mary was a witch who drank the blood of little girls, in order to look young forever. She was burned at the stake and cursed anyone who would summon her ghost to die a horrible death.

This legend is actually based on a true story from the 16th century - the English queen Mary I drank the blood of girls to remain young longer, while her thirst for murder was notorious. Within just a few years, she ordered 400 people to be burned alive and she was always present at the executions.

According to urban legends, in order to call upon the ghost of Bloody Mary, a person must stand in front of a mirror and say her name 3 times.

Eyewitnesses claim that she can be seen in various forms in the mirror - as a scorched old woman or a young beauty.


It is not a good idea to summon Bloody Mary, for she brings bad luck. There are cases of people being sent to mental institutions after seeing her in the mirror.

Another famed ghost is the Queen of Spades. She resides in the realm of the dead and if summoned, she always gets revenge on the one who has disturbed her rest.

She can steal a person's soul and leave them with just their physical body, say those familiar with the legend. In such cases, the person does not change outwardly but stops being able to feel love and enjoy life.

To summon the Queen of Spades, draw a ladder on a mirror and call her name 3 times. According to the legend, she will come down the ladder and enter our world from the mirror.

Summoning the Queen of Spades is a huge risk because she can physically harm the person. There have been cases in which those who called the Queen of Spades had been entirely covered in bruises and the ghost had broken everything within the room.

The Queen of Spades has a negative influence on people, she can make a person have suicidal thoughts or kill your house pets by knocking over a heavy object on top of them.



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10.06.2014 20:34
Don't upload stuff like this, i mean there are a lot of stupid people who will try to do this stuff because they don't believe in it and say its crap .
what if something bad happens to them ?
will you take the responsibility because it will be your fault too !!