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Michael Jackson's Ghost Appears in a Photo

Michael Jackson

A frightening phenomenon incited turmoil in the UK. A young Briton had decided to take a photo of a Michael Jackson impersonator but soon fell into shock after finding a strange figure, similar in appearance to the deceased Jacko, in the photo.

Reece Savva had gone to a performance by an impersonator of the King of Pop. While the double was up on stage, Savva took several pictures.

When he later looked at the photos he spotted a sinister silhouette, reminiscent of the emblematic entertainer, in one of them. Reece Savva is more than convinced that during the performance, the ghost of the King of Pop had made an appearance on stage.

Once the event became widely publicized, the photo was examined by experts. They are categorical that the photo with the phenomenal image is not fake.

It's possible that this really is the ghost of Jacko. Recall that media have mentioned in the past that the entertainer's ghost still wanders among the living. Just 2 years ago, Michael Jackson's sister La Toya Jackson announced that the spirit of her brother roams around the residence where he spent his childhood.


La Toya believes that his ghost remains on this world so that he can keep an eye on his children Prince, Paris and Blanket. And this isn't the first time we've heard about Jacko's wandering spirit.

In a video filmed at the Neverland Ranch property, there appears to be some sort of figure, which was also thought to be the ghost of the legendary musical entertainer.

Besides his unbelievable voice, Michael Joseph Jackson leaves behind a history of numerous scandals and controversial events surrounding his life. The singer-songwriter died in 2009. According to the Los Angeles coroner, the singer died of propofol (an anesthetic) overdose.

Subsequently, his personal doctor, Dr. Conrad Murray, was accused of killing him. In turn, Murray claimed that Jacko was addicted to the anesthetic and had injected himself with a fatal dose, despite his doctor's warnings, on the night of his death.