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Occultist Arthur Conan Doyle, Author of Sherlock Holmes, Talked to Ghosts

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Doyle and Ghosts

It's a lesser known fact that writer Arthur Conan Doyle was a passionate spiritualist, who accurately predicted the day of his own death, while his last words were: "There is no death! Until we meet again."

The English author of the legendary literary character Sherlock Holmes claimed to have spoken with ghosts and was even a member of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn occult movement, as well as president of the Spiritist Society of London.

Some of his biographers claim that his spiritual seances were just for fun but others claim that he was highly involved in esotericism, while there was an underlying reason for this.

The father of the famous writer was in a psychiatric ward because he claimed he could commune with the dead. Before his death he left his son hundreds of notes and begged him to explore this mysterious subject.

But Arthur Conan Doyle was a doctor and as such was a person who banked solely on the material. He had borne witness to scandalously exposed mediums and could not believe how anyone in their reasonable mind could believe such obvious lies.

Arthur Doyle

But his view would change after partaking in several spiritual seances with his friends. It was then that he claimed he had communed with ghosts for the first time. The seances impressed him to the point where he began lecturing about them and, adding to the fact that he was already a prominent writer, no one dared doubt him.

He was invited to numerous forums, during which he claimed that ghosts were excellent advisers, who lead humanity toward progress. Naturally, there emerged many who questioned his mental health but he continued to publish articles about the significance of spiritism.

While these articles were essentially just words, one question remained unanswered regarding the author's unusual interest - he was able to accurately predict the date of his own death.

Arthur Conan Doyle called to his wife to inform her that he had spoken with the spirits and that they had forewarned him of the date of his death - July 7, 1930. He handed her a letter which she was supposed to open before others on that same day.

The writer did in fact pass away on that exact date and when they opened the letter it said, "I've won, dear unbelievers! There is no death! Until we meet again."