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My Cave is my CastleMy Cave is my Castle
09 Aug.
Besides DNA, it turns out that modern man and Neanderthals shared the love of the family hearth. This has been confirmed by excavations in some of the caves inhabited by Neanderthals in Gibraltar. For the longest...
The soul lives in my heartThe soul lives in my heart
10 Oct.
After receiving transplants from donor organs, the receivers mysteriously show changes in character. A few days ago from Naples, Silvana Peska court gave the surgeon did surgery on her heart transplant. Informed that...
Your name determines important choices in lifeYour name determines important choices in life
20 Aug.
In recent years, social psychology explores how names influence decisions, such as who to marry, on what street we live in, where we work... Researchers from Pennsylvania, U.S. set their goal to understand how names actually...
Who was I in my past lifeWho was I in my past life
25 Mar.
There is no one in this world who has not wondered if rebirth exists and what he or she was in their previous life. We live in a material world, which are related to and which are dependent on. However, we to set our minds...
Why Things Just Aren't Working Out in My LifeWhy Things Just Aren't Working Out in My Life
01 Nov.
Every one of us has had moments of despair, when we have asked ourselves this very question. There is no single answer but there is definitely a way to counteract this injustice. Of course, in order to successfully solve...
How to Summon a GhostHow to Summon a Ghost
10 July
Many people are tempted to summon a ghost in order to find out something about the future....
How to Find Out What My Karmic Purpose is in This LifeHow to Find Out What My Karmic Purpose is in This Life
18 Aug.
Karma is the law of cause and effect that operates in every person's life. But how do you know what your karmic purpose is in this life? According to astrology, your date of birth can help reveal the secrets of your karma...
How Do I Open My Third Eye?How Do I Open My Third Eye?
10 Oct.
Not everyone has the gift to know the future, this gift is the possession of only a few who have managed to open their third eye. The Third Eye is not a real organ or really an eye, but it's the other name for the sixth chakra...
Which Zodiac Sign am I According to my Month and Date of Birth?Which Zodiac Sign am I According to my Month and Date of Birth?
23 Oct.
If you are wondering which zodiac sign you are according to your month and date of birth, see how the zodiac signs are divided by months. Aries are the people born between March 21st and April 20th. The representatives...
What Should I Drink to Calm My Nerves Before Sleep?What Should I Drink to Calm My Nerves Before Sleep?
10 Nov.
We recharge our body by sleeping, it's the only time of day when our body and consciousness are at peace. Still, a lot of people are unable to get a good night's rest, and therefore relax properly. What should we do when...
When I Wake Up My Bedsheets are All Torn Up. What is the Cause of This?When I Wake Up My Bedsheets are All Torn Up. What is the Cause of This?
12 Dec.
To wake up in the morning and discover that your covers or bedsheets are torn up, without having the slightest idea what exactly happened during the night, is disturbing to say the least. Many of us have had experiences of...
Sinister Female GhostsSinister Female Ghosts
10 June
She was burned at the stake and cursed anyone who would summon her ghost to die a horrible death....
The Credo of Each Zodiac SignThe Credo of Each Zodiac Sign
20 Dec.
The credo of each and every one of us is our beliefs and the path that we follow in life. It can be summarized by a certain maxim that we cling to. Each zodiac sign is characterized by a few phrases, that every person...
Dear Daughter, your Husband is your Brother!Dear Daughter, your Husband is your Brother!
08 Aug.
A Brazilian couple, both partners of which had grown up without their parents, found out that they were brother and sister after a 10-year romantic relationship, writes the British Mirror. The dramatic news was served to...
Contacting an animal through psychic powersContacting an animal through psychic powers
22 Sept.
These special type of psychics are also known as animal interpretators as they are able to communicate with pets through the power of thought. An anonymous psychic give us an insight from Russia. "I broke my ankle...
See What People Most Often Regretted on Their DeathbedSee What People Most Often Regretted on Their Deathbed
25 Apr.
It is said that the only certain thing in human life is death but even though this bit of wisdom is familiar to most people, few of us truly realize that our time is limited. This is not the case with individuals, who...
Mossad Agents - Secretive Modern Day SpiesMossad Agents - Secretive Modern Day Spies
05 Feb.
Mossad or the "Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations" is the Israeli intelligence agency and one of the largest modern day institutions for espionage and other secret operations. Mossad is known for its efficiency...
Queen Nefertiti, from birth to her death bedQueen Nefertiti, from birth to her death bed
05 Aug.
One year later however he summoned her back to the Palace as he missed her so much. Fate showed different as it seemed they were not meant to live together....
Death is just a wordDeath is just a word
10 Jan.
Many people fear the thought of death, believing that it is the end of their existence. There is evidence to suggest that people only die physically, and continue to live spiritually. This article will clarify the possibility...
Stories of people that experienced clinical deathStories of people that experienced clinical death
22 Sept.
Nobody knows what happens after death. But the veil of wonder slips open through the stories of people who have experienced clinical death. The phenomenon of clinical death takes about five to six minutes, because then...
The Amazing Philippe Petit, Who Walked in the SkyThe Amazing Philippe Petit, Who Walked in the Sky
15 Jan.
If you've never heard the name Philippe Petit, you need to quickly fix this mistake, because he is one of the best magicians out there. He has walked in the sky without using any sort of visual illusions. On August 7,...
A Love Spell Spoken from the Heart is the StrongestA Love Spell Spoken from the Heart is the Strongest
09 Sept.
Anyone can make their own love spell as long as the desire and feelings come from their heart. There are a few guiding steps along the way to casting a love spell, but the truth is that you can cast it as it comes from the...
The Gospel of SatanThe Gospel of Satan
25 Feb.
It is the only text containing instructions on how to summon the Devil himself or any of his minions....
Black Girl, White RoseBlack Girl, White Rose
12 Sept.
Darcy is a 23 year-old from a black family from Trinidad, and in her childhood she was like any other child, happy. However, at five years of age, strange white spots appeared on Darcy's feet. Her parents took her...
Palmistry - Thumbs and FingersPalmistry - Thumbs and Fingers
25 Oct.
In the middle of 2005, I took my first trip to Mumbai (Bombay) and had the exclusive opportunity to obtain secretive books, containing even more secretive subjects, that can be found on the Indian subcontinent. It turned...