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Stories of people that experienced clinical death

Stories of people that experienced clinical death

Nobody knows what happens after death. But the veil of wonder slips open through the stories of people who have experienced clinical death. The phenomenon of clinical death takes about five to six minutes, because then there is no way a person can be brought back to life.

All physiological body functions stop. Usually people who have experienced clinical death, tell how they heard that the doctors declared them dead.

The soul starts to release itself from the body, and one has the feeling that he travels at a tremendous speed in a tunnel at the end of which, there is light. Their passes right before their eyes, they met with dead relatives and friends. This is common in all the stories of people who have come back from that world.

Some people see pictures associated with horror and fear. American Thomas Welch was declared dead after an accident while cutting trees. After being declared dead, he told interesting tidbits when returning.

"I met with my friends who had died. I felt ashamed for the offenses done to them. I wanted to apologize in some way, but then I saw a man who was walking towards me. His face was barely visible, was illuminated by light, but when he approached, I saw that his eyes emit only kindness. Then someone pulled me out of that place and then I started breathing again, "he says.

Kenneth Heygins passed the test of clinical death, when he was about twenty years. As he lay in his house, his heart stopped and he felt that he was out of his body.

"I got to fly into a deep chasm. I flew to the bottom and then felt the presence of a ball of light that guided me. Then I heard a voice, which made everybody tremble, and suddenly I saw the room where my body was lying. I went into it as it was a piece of clothing. I saw my grandmother, who was crying and said, "Honey, I thought you were dead! '

American Betty Smith fell down and barely survived, but he did spend a few minutes in clinical death. "I was floating in a tunnel and I flew to some light beings that gave me security. Then everything was illuminated by bright light and I went to a beautiful meadow.

There I saw grandmother and my grandfather who had died, my friends and even my beloved cat that I had as a child. I felt happy, I wanted to stay forever with them when I felt something pulling me back into the tunnel. I resisted with all my strength, but within seconds I felt I could not go back to that great place.



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mines acebo
mines acebo
11.12.2012 07:22
my highschool friend had experience death and she's back to life. its strange when i knew the story she told me. i believe that theres a other place and that is for the deads..