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See What People Most Often Regretted on Their Deathbed

Antonia R.Antonia R.

It is said that the only certain thing in human life is death but even though this bit of wisdom is familiar to most people, few of us truly realize that our time is limited.

This is not the case with individuals, who, on their deathbeds, have focused most on the desires and needs that they've ignored their whole life. Read on below to discover the 5 things people most often regretted before they died.

The list was compiled by Bronnie Ware, a nurse who cares for patients up to and including their final hours on this Earth. She shares that their stories have completely changed her way of life and she wishes to impart the same positive influence on others.

To do this, she has collected her musings in her book The Top Five Regrets of the Dying.

1. I wish I had been more spontaneous

On their deathbeds, people most often regretted not allowing themselves to be more spontaneous and not having more fun. A significant number of individuals discovered that they simply preferred to stay in their comfort zone, instead of following their impulses and doing something different. But in the end, each and every one of them regretted having missed the opportunities.

2. I wish I had kept in touch with my old friends


Over time, our social circle tends to shrink because professional and familial obligations get the right of way. But before they pass away, people express sorrow for their old friendships and regret having allowed the years to separate them, while some even wish to see their old friends one last time.

3. I wish I had voiced what I felt more often

Not everyone has the courage to express their opinion out loud. Most would prefer to keep silent and stifle their emotions in the name of harmony and understanding. As it turns out however, shortly before their leaving this world, they strongly regretted this, as they had lived life in constant dissatisfaction, while doing nothing to change it.


4. I wish I hadn't spent so much time working

Nearly every man on their deathbed admits that they regret spending more time working, instead of being with their loved ones and having fun. A significant percentage of modern humans devote themselves to their career, forgetting about the pleasures of life and those that love them.

5. I wish I had followed my big dreams

After finishing school, the majority of people usually fall into the routine of life - responsibilities come up, bills and so on, while their dreams, such as becoming a writer for example, are forgotten. In their final hours however, the dying usually think back to their past dreams and regret not pursuing them through to the end.