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Dear Daughter, your Husband is your Brother!


A Brazilian couple, both partners of which had grown up without their parents, found out that they were brother and sister after a 10-year romantic relationship, writes the British Mirror. The dramatic news was served to the couple not just anywhere but live on national radio.

37-year-old Leandro and 39-year-old Adriana have not only been sharing a bed for years but also have a 6-year-old daughter. Lately, the two had been enthusiastic about finding their real mothers.

Adriana was abandoned by her mother when she was just a year old. Leandro, on the other hand, broke off all contact with the woman who gave him birth when he turned 8. Once they discovered that both their mothers was named Maria, they did not pay particular attention to the fact, since it's quite a common name.

To find her biological mother, Adriana asked for the help from the crew of a radio show that deals with finding lost parents. And so, mother and daughter spoke for the first time live on air. At the end of the show however, the mother shared that she has one abandoned child - a son named Leandro.

"It cannot be, Leandro is my husband! " exclaimed Adriana wildly.


According to psychologists, the unusual situation can be explained by the phenomenon of sexual attraction between relatives. It can arise between 2 people, who have been separated from each other in their early development and then meet once again, after they have formed their personalities.

"I'm truly afraid to go home. I'm worried that Leandro might leave me but I love him with all of my heart, " announced the desperate Adriana in front of all the listeners.

Despite the huge drama, worthy of a scene in a Latin-American soap opera, the family is positively certain that they will remain together.

"Only death can separate me from Leandro. This has happened because God has wished it so, " contemplates the young woman of her fate.

"We felt as though we were mad in the beginning but after that we talked seriously and told everyone that we will continue to be together. We have many plans in common and would not separate for anything in the world, " Leandro and Adriana stated adamantly.