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How Do I Open My Third Eye?

How Do I Open My Third Eye?

Not everyone has the gift to know the future, this gift is the possession of only a few who have managed to open their third eye. The Third Eye is not a real organ or really an eye, but it's the other name for the sixth chakra in the body - the ajna chakra.

Buddhists called this chakra the Eye of Shiva, because those who managed to open their third eye, like a god, could see the true essence of objects and people, gained wisdom and achieved harmony with the world.

Activating the third eye will not only give you a different view of the world, but also help you rejuvenate, as its opening leads to a strong release of melatonin - also known as the hormone of youth.

There are several exercises for opening the third eye, which you can do yourself at home.

Every evening after sunset for a minimum of one month you should meditate with a candle. How does this work? You take a regular wax candle, light it and place it within arm's reach of you. You then focus your gaze on it, by trying not to blink and look away from it.

Start with one-minute exercises and gradually increase your meditation time, until you reach half an hour daily.

After staring at the candle, close your eyes and try to concentrate on the imprint of the flame left on your retinas.

When you have a firm hold on his image, it's time to try to move it to the area between the eyebrows. If you can handle this, you are well on your way to opening your sixth chakra.

Opening the third eye can be a long and difficult process, beyond the strength of a person who is not ready to deal with it.

In addition to the above basic exercise, you can do others aimed mainly at dulling some senses at the expense of others.

Practice distinguishing the shape of objects in a completely dark room without any light. Also work on your breathing. When you master that, proceed to try to visualize the objects with closed eyelids. You will gradually realize, that you don't need to keep your eyes open to see.



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