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Who was I in my past life

Who was I in my past life

There is no one in this world who has not wondered if rebirth exists and what he or she was in their previous life. We live in a material world, which are related to and which are dependent on. However, we to set our minds to be sensitive to the vibrations of the intangible world to reveal the secrets of karma and rebirth. To find out what one was in his previous life, you need a trained mind and to meditate.

If you contact a psychic or astrologer, they will most likely tell us what we were in previous lives, but much more exciting would be to find for yourself.

Everyone has imagination and can present different pictures. The mechanism to return to the past, is not complex, but does need concentration and willpower.

The first thing you should do is to secure appropriate external conditions, absolute silence and solitude.

Begin to meditate, gradually relax all parts of your body. Breathe rhythmically.

Smoothly slide back in time and remember what you did last week, on your last birthday, remember past events. Return slowly and chronologically, to orientate yourself to the past.

At some point, you will be able to return to your birth and even before our emergence into the world, as all our other existences are stored deep in the subconscious and you only need to be able to reach in there to find out.

To understand what you have been in past lives, is possible with hypnosis too. Its goal and purpose is to reach the subconscious mind, which operates at a deeper level to the level of normal human perception. That subconscious retains everything, each time.

To many people, it is difficult to explain rebirth and that is quite logical. Many religious teachings deal with this issue, but nothing is entirely clear yet. Normally, we tend to believe that there are past lives, because everyone who is in a very familiar situation seems to have been here before.

Christianity denies reincarnation, but many religious currents take it as their guiding principle. These are Hinduism and Buddhism. They consider it an essential part of reality. Kabbalah constantly mentions the existence of reincarnation.