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Death is just a word

Life after Death

Many people fear the thought of death, believing that it is the end of their existence. There is evidence to suggest that people only die physically, and continue to live spiritually. This article will clarify the possibility of a life after death, and warm your soul.

Is there life after death and if so, how do we know this for sure? If you think your relatives and friends who have been lost over the years are gone forever, you will see that it is actually more likely that they are here, and present in your life. Here are some stories of eyewitnesses.

My uncle was seriously injured and slipped in and out of consciousness for six months during which he was in the hospital. My mother decided that we should go see him. She wanted to see her brother at least once before he dies, as his death was inevitable.

Although his words came very slowly and subtly, he whispered to her "Al, I saw my mom and she hugged me, it was wonderful." My grandmother had died forty years ago, and my mother was amazed when my uncle told us this. Yet something in her eyes suggested that this was true.

Doctors had labored much to be able to get his heart back to work, so the experience he had was amazing. He had suddenly found himself in the lap of my grandmother, who stroked his hair and assured him that everything is okay.

A close friend - Frank suffered a heart attack during his stay in New York. While on holiday with his family. For four and a half minutes his heart had stopped beating......

Months after his recovery, I met him in a supermarket and stopped to talk to him. I asked him if he had some experience while his heart had stopped and they tried to revive him. He explained that during these four and a half minutes while doctors tried to revive him, his spirit was in one corner of the room and watched what happens.

He saw his wife and son in the other corner of the room - they were extremely worried and scared. Although it was very sad for the state of his wife and his son, he suffered terrible internal conflict, because much of him really did not want to return. Feelings of peace and love, were so overwhelming, he wanted to remain where he is.

Perhaps these experiences are here to remind us that we are on earth for a short time and that we should cherish every moment, to love unconditionally and expect our homecoming.