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Contacting an animal through psychic powers

Contacting an animal through psychic powers

These special type of psychics are also known as animal interpretators as they are able to communicate with pets through the power of thought.

An anonymous psychic give us an insight from Russia.

"I broke my ankle in five places as I lay in bed twisted in pain I suddenly heard: "I know maybe you can not believe me but i think i can help. Take me in your arms, stroke me and i will bear your pain". When I opened my eye i saw my cat sat on the pillow and staring at me. I know i heard my cat talk to me. Since the experience with my cat the pain and passed very quickly. For the first time after having received my cats help, I have slept peacefully and without pain.

The number of 'animal interpreters' is constantly growing. They claim to have exclusive power to establish telepathy with pets.

"Animals do not open their mouths like us humans, but they know very well how to speak without sound. Many times I have received information from them in the form of feeling in my body or characters that appear in my head, " continued the Russian .

"The Art of Communicating with Pets" by author Laura Simpson who advises us on how to establish telepathic contact with our favorite animals.

We must cleanse ourselves emotionally and spiritually, to learn to listen to your heart, to talk of feelings, and believe in yourself, " she writes.

Portal telepathic communication among different organizations advise the following:

"Imagine in your mind that a dog can do exactly what you want it to do. Send your emotions and feelings to the dog. If you really want the dog to communicate with you the message will be received. Do not rush for a response, sit back and relax and after sometime, thoughts and feelings of the animal will come to you.