What Should I Drink to Calm My Nerves Before Sleep?

What Should I Drink to Calm My Nerves Before Sleep?
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We recharge our body by sleeping, it's the only time of day when our body and consciousness are at peace. Still, a lot of people are unable to get a good night's rest, and therefore relax properly.

What should we do when we can't get to sleep, for one reason or another? Don't be so hasty in reaching for those sleeping pills. They should only be used as a last resort, when nothing else helps, and must be prescribed by a doctor.

How do we bring about sleep when counting sheep and exhaustion are not enough? You can try easing off into sleep with a suitable drink. A glass of warm milk with a pinch of cinnamon can close your eyelids as if with a magic wand.

If you're not a fan of milk, you can try dozing off with a glass of cherry juice. Cherry juice is one of the best natural sedatives. It has the ability to raise levels of the hormone melatonin which is responsible for regulating sleep.

Certain herbs which you can drink in the form of tea before bed also have an extraordinarily healthy and sedative effect. Try drinking a glass of mint tea or chamomile infusion before bed. Hawthorn tea also has sleep inducing properties, it contains antioxidants that decrease cholesterol levels and regulate heart function.

Sleep won't be long in coming if you drink a glass of linden tea, an infusion of passion flower or valerian. All you have to do is give the herbs a few days for them to begin to have an effect. If your insomnia and sleep problems worsen, seek medical advice.


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