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Your name determines important choices in life

Your name determines important choices in life

In recent years, social psychology explores how names influence decisions, such as who to marry, on what street we live in, where we work...

Researchers from Pennsylvania, U.S. set their goal to understand how names actually influence people's behavior.

More specifically, researchers explored whether people are willing to work for a company by comparing how the same names affect the employer, and the people being surveyed.

A recent study in Belgium for example, found that 13% of people work for companies whose first three characters match their name or that of a family member. Similar studies have been conducted in other countries, the results are clear - there is a clear link between the choice of a career in a company, with a name close to ours.

There is another projection of human behavior defined by names. In the U.S., for example, 438 000 people have donated money to campaigns, whose names were again similar to theirs. Same applies for disasters. Americans donate money if a hurricane or other natural disaster destroys parts of the country. It turns out that people who bear a name similar to that of disaster, donate more frequently and also donate larger amounts for victims.

Other scientists have found, depending on predestination, what the name has to do with the future career of a man. For example, more dentists worldwide are called Dennis.

In addition, more and more people subconsciously choose husbands, whose names are again similar to their own.

Studies show that people often make decisions about important things affecting their lives, based on superstitions and the subconscious, rather than rationally justified reasoning, even though we are generally perceived as rational beings.