When I Wake Up My Bedsheets are All Torn Up. What is the Cause of This?

When I Wake Up My Bedsheets are All Torn Up. What is the Cause of This?
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To wake up in the morning and discover that your covers or bedsheets are torn up, without having the slightest idea what exactly happened during the night, is disturbing to say the least. Many of us have had experiences of walking, talking or doing other things in the middle of the night of which we have no recollection in the morning.

This type of behavior may be due to a number of factors that affect our sleep quality and lead to various forms of somnambulism, all different in severity depending on the affected.

In lighter forms of somnambulism, the sleeping person sits up abruptly, says a few words, then falls asleep again. But in medium and highly severe cases, the behavior of the person can be quite different.

Sleepwalkers may walk, talk and do a whole bunch of things which they don't remember the next day. What's more, all of their organs are fully operational in this state, they hear everything and even keep their balance better than when awake.

Usually, sleep disturbances, where a person does or says things which they recall nothing of in the morning, are due to over exhaustion, stress or other factors. What's important to note is that in most cases it's not a sign of an illness but a temporary condition that can be controlled with more rest, positive emotions, avoidance of stress and a good diet.


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