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The Gospel of Satan


The gospel of Satan does exist. The book which describes the blackest of all black magic is known by the name "Grand Grimoire" and "The Red Dragon". Few have seen it because for centuries it has remained locked up in a place where only a small minority have access to - the secret archives of the Vatican.

But then how can we be sure that this grimoire (a book containing magic spells) exists? The Roman-Catholic church itself gives us proof of it when it declared it to be its property, even though the church has never actually shown it to the public.

It is postulated that the gospel of Satan was discovered in King Solomon's grave in Jerusalem in 1750. The book was written in Hebrew or Aramaic, as opposed to the original which was written in angelic (Theban) alphabet.

The copy that lies hidden in the secret Vatican archives was likely written in 1552 AD, while according to theologians the first gospel of Satan was written in 1200 AD or earlier.

The author of the gospel in question is thought to be Honorius of Thebes. His identity remains ambiguous to history but his acts are known to a small circle of people. Whether Honorius was in fact Pope Honorius III (1150 – 1227), Satan or a person possessed by the Devil, we'll never know. But according to some, it was he who was the author of the Grand Grimoire.


Honorius' work is a classic grimoire, containing astrological knowledge, lists of angels and demons, detailed instructions for casting different spells, summoning otherworldly beings (demons, seraphim) and the creation of talismans.

Over the centuries, there have been hundreds of copies made of the gospel of Satan but none of them contain the actual words written in the original grimoire.

The story about the mysterious book claims that the true Grand Grimoire possesses supernatural powers. It cannot be burnt, cut, pierced, ripped or damaged or destroyed in any way.

It is the only text containing instructions on how to summon the Devil himself or any of his minions. One of the most heretical claims in it states that all popes begin their earthly journey as people but once they are chosen for the high position, they are possessed by Satan and cease to serve humankind.

Keeping in mind that it was personally written by the Devil (by possessing the body of the unlucky Honorius), the gospel of Satan contains great details about the life and acts of Jesus. The Grand Grimoire contains descriptions of the locations of a number of Biblical relics, there is even a sketch of Judas Iscariot and Jesus Christ.

The greatest secret hidden in the gospel in question though is the real name of God. It is believed that if the real name of the Creator, which is unknown to anyone, is spoken backwards, then the Universe and everything in it will be destroyed in an instant and Evil will triumph.