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The Credo of Each Zodiac Sign

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The credo of each and every one of us is our beliefs and the path that we follow in life. It can be summarized by a certain maxim that we cling to. Each zodiac sign is characterized by a few phrases, that every person of that sign will find true to their nature. And here they are:

Aries. The powerful and fighting Aries follow these principles:

- Do it the right way, meaning - like I would.

- Do not argue - I have already spoken.

- I act first, and deal with the consequences later.

- The most difficult thing for me is to control my emotions.

- Stubbornness and persistence are not vices but a stimulant for new experience.

Taurus. The materialistic Taurus is defined by the following credo:

- I spend money on things that make me feel good, no matter the price.

- Materialism is not a vice but a vision of the future.

- Food sampler - I was born for this: brand-name whiskey, quality food - I'm the guy.

- Better to spend the night alone than with crappy company.

- No, I'm not in second place - I'm just gathering momentum.

Gemini. The versatile Gemini are subject to the following maxims:

- I don't know what you're thinking but I'm thinking the opposite.

- I know much and want to learn lots more.

- I say everything face-to-face.

- I talk a lot and everything I say is important.

- I like being here but I could be over there too.

Zodiac signs

Cancer. The stay-at-home Cancer has this philosophy:

- Patience, if it's worth it.

- What's mine is mine.

- I love being spoiled.

- All I need is a cozy home, some savings and a full fridge.

- To meet with friends over a table - this is my thing.

Leo. The king of the jungle, Leo wants to be the same among people as well:

- Help? No thanks, I can do it by myself.

- I only deal with big projects.

- I am perfection itself.

- I fall, I get up and I continue on. There's no such thing as failure.

- Don't criticize me.

Virgo. On the face of it, a Virgo seems to follow strict rules in their life:

- Order, a plan, specific actions and a clearly laid out plan of action.

- Prove everything to me with logical reasoning. Even that we're meant to be together.

- The most important thing is for a person to be beautiful on the inside.

- If I don't respect you - I do not listen to you and I tell you right out.

- I achieve everything that I want through consistency and patience.

Libra. Even in the chaotic life of Libra there are principles:

- I'm not sure if I'm sure. And why should I be?

- There is logic and everything. Even my chaotic life.

- I live to love.

- I hate arguing but I'm always forced to and I do it well.

- I don't know how to solve my problems but tell me yours and you won't have them anymore.

Scorpio. The extreme Scorpio shares his credo:

- I rarely explode. But if I do - run.

- Checking on someone is the highest form of trust.

- I set the boundaries.

- When a Scorpio forgets that he has a stinger, do not remind him.

- I don't share my feelings because I either don't trust you, I don't feel like talking, or because I'll handle it myself.

Sagittarius. The optimistic Sagittarius can fix everyone's mood. Even if he follows only these tenets:

- My intentions are good, so there's no way for it not to work.

- Life is a party. Have fun!

- Do not be worried ahead of time - check first.

- I have a sensitive heart, even though I don't express my feelings.

- The qualities that help me achieve everything: discipline, decisiveness, purposefulness.

Capricorn. Capricorn, with his conservative views, follows his own guidelines:

- Do not joke about my family.

- I can wait but don't make me wait too long.

- I follow my path slowly and quietly. If I get to the desired place I blow the bullhorn and everyone knows where I am.

- My feelings are my own.

- I love being by myself.

Aquarius. Creative to the very core, Aquarius lives by the following:

- The most boring thing is uniformity.

- I have many ideas and must do something truly epic.

- Prejudices, boundaries, rules - all words I do not know the meaning of.

- The world is wonderful and the people are good.

- The future will be beautiful. There is no other way.

Pisces. Wise Pisces are governed by wise ideas:

- Do not pressure me to make a decision, I must think.

- I can get along with everyone perfectly but I do have difficulties with my own self.

- If you can't offer me romance, best to offer me nothing at all.

- Only boring people plan their lives.

- I'll do it Friday. Did I say which month?